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WPS cancels 2012 season

Women’s Professional Soccer announced today that it has canceled the 2012 season.

The decision was reached after a vote by team owners on Monday morning. Am email was subsequently sent to the players informing them of the decision.

The decision appears to be very much the result of the ongoing legal battles with Dan Borislow over his Florida-based franchise. “The litigation has diverted resources from investment in the league, ” the announcement said, “and has forced the Board to take action, suspending the 2012 season in order to address the legal issues head-on before moving forward with competition.”

‘“Everyone has been trying so hard to keep things going – considering settlement options, discussing union legal action to intervene in the lawsuit, etc.,” reads the email sent by the league, a copy of which was obtained by National Soccer Wire, “but we just couldn’t manage to make things work.”

The league announcement says, “Making the decision to suspend the 2012 season was a difficult and painful one, but it is necessary to take the time to address current issues and solidify our business in order to provide appropriate support needed to achieve the League’s long-term goals.”

NSW reports that, according to the email, league officials “currently plan to maintain league and team front offices in hopes of resolving outstanding litigation and holding a 2013 season, but details are still evolving.”

The announcement from the league confirms the intention to resume play in 2013. “With our supporters and athletes in mind,” the announcement says, “we are committed to complete the hard work necessary to resume play in 2013 and reestablish WPS as the premiere women’s professional soccer league in the world.”

The news comes one day after the USWNT won the final of the CONCACAF Olympic Qualifiers tournament.

For reaction from Philadelphia Independence owner David Halstead, please click here.



  1. That blows. Whether WPS is/was the answer for women’s pro soccer in the US, not having a season is not a good thing.

  2. And with the USWNT kicking butt, these talented women have no where to play in the US….

  3. I have to say I’m not at all surprised, but still such a shame.

  4. This is bad for the futures of the WNT. We already saw teams approaching us in talent this last WC, without a domestic league we may simply fall behind now.

  5. Have to ask, but might MLS step in to form a Women’s league tied to existing successful clubs, similar in model to the WNBA?

    • That would be a great thing; trouble is I think MLS is trying to stabilise itself first (not that it’s not unstable, but I don’t know how much it’s in their own interests to take on a women’s league yet)

  6. doctorlatte says:

    The owner of the Independence has posted an open letter on the team page of the league website: http://www.womensprosoccer.com/Home/philadelphia/news/general/120130-2012-season-owner-message.aspx#comments

    Lets hope they are able to keep things together, they came a long way as a team/oranization in a short time.

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