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Wenger for GA, Henry to Arsenal, France v. Beckham, more news

MLSSoccer.com has a chat with former Reading United star Andrew Wenger, who has signed with Generation Adidas and will go into the MLS amateur draft.

Arsene Wenger really is trying to get Thierry Henry for a two-month loan. Anything Landon can do … ?

U.S. forward Eddie Johnson has signed with Puebla in Mexico, where DaMarcus Beasley is having such a good season. Can Johnson turn his career around the same way?

Great story from Italy, where the whistle-blower on that country’s latest match-fixing scandal has been rewarded with the opportunity to train with the national team. Pure class by the Italy coach (words I never thought I’d write).

Chelsea has rejected a proposal to support John Terry against claims of racism by having the players wear t-shirts. Might it be that they know what kind of jerk Terry actually is?

Apparently this is what Clint Dempsey’s home looks like. Fox Soccer has an extended video interview with Dempsey, who sports a green shirt totally at odds with his general bad-assedness.

Romario and Ronald will donate 32,000 World Cup tickets to the disabled.

Philly hater Robert Pires says David Beckham better be in shape if he wants to play in France. Well, no kidding. He’s likely in better shape than Pires.

Soccer America talks about Omar Gonzalez finally getting his chance with the U.S. national team. Let’s just say it was a happy moment when the names of Gonzalez and Geoff Cameron appeared on that list.

French politicians blasted the price tag for Beckham, saying he’s too old and pricey. Other things French politicians did this past week include agreeing to pay for breast implant removals and destroying foreign relations with Turkey to help Nicolas Sarkozy’s reelection efforts.

Did you know that Fox Soccer broadcasts the Fox Soccer Report from Winnipeg? A soccer hotbed if I ever saw one.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, have a good Kwanzaa, and for those of you who celebrate Festivus, bah humbug!

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  1. A few days too late, but I love the callups. John, Gonzalez, Parkhurst? Finally something to be happy about.

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