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Union introduce Josue Martinez

Peter Nowak and the Philadelphia Union introduced their first summer signing today.

Josue Martinez is a 21-year old Costa Rican international who fits the Nowak mold as someone who can slot in at multiple positions.

“He’s a very humble guy. He has a different qualities with his speed, and can play as a central striker or on the wing,” Nowak said.

Martinez, signed on a permanent transfer from the Costa Rican club Saprissa, is not a designated player.

Nowak told the media that the Martinez has been a Union target since last July, but that discussions with Saprissa had stalled until recently.

The Martinez signing was handled much differently than that of Carlos Ruiz one year ago. Ruiz was brought in to be the centerpiece of the 2011 team, while Martinez was presented as a developing player with huge upside.

Martinez has scored 18 times in 43 club appearances, and he netted twice when the Costa Rican team made a fourth place run at the U-20 World Cup.

It appears the Union will remain active in the transfer market, as Nowak stated that he wants to bring two or three more players in before the 2012 season. Defensive depth and competition for spots on the wings are focal points, with height a key factor in evaluating potential signings in back.

“The only position we are not looking at is goalkeeper. Everything else is up in the air,” Nowak stated.


  1. Jesus Nowak. Why don’t you just learn to coach first and not hang your players out to dry by playing musical chairs with tactics and formation?
    “Competition”? On the wings? So young talented Wingers like Marfan can continue to bounce in and out of the lineup and experience stunted growth?
    “Competition” is a bigger deal when you are dealing with older veterans who need pushing. We just had 5 players called up to the U23 camp. We don’t need competition. We need a gameplan that will effectively and smartly take advantage of our players while also giving them the opportunity to grow.
    The only legitimate need we have left is defensive depth, which 1) only goes back to the coaches for not having a single natural backup defender on the bench all year and 2) 3/4 starting spots are locked up anyway. So don’t overthink this one, Nowak. Get us a good LB and a backup FB and CB you are actually comfortable having on the bench.

    • Cant disagree more. Competition at all positions is welcome, positive and necessary whether with noobs or vets…last thing we want is a player getting complacent. Also can we stop bashing Nowak for his coaching for once? He did get us to the playoffs in our second year (dont forget we (psp faithful) did agree that the U was a mediocre team last year)…and finally…last years midfield sucked and we definitely need strength, speed and height in our midfield…Marfan was good (not great) and has lots of potential but there were many games where he became invisible and had not impact on the game. Point is we need competition and new midfielders.

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