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Union unveil new jerseys for 2012

Philadelphia Union unveiled their new jerseys for 2012 today.

The two new jerseys, designated as primary and secondary, incorporate the logo of jersey sponsor Bimbo, which signed a deal with the Union last year, albeit too late for brand new jerseys to be designed.

Both jerseys are blue and gold, with blue as the primary color, though in different shades. The primary jersey remains similar to the original Union jersey of navy blue and gold, while the secondary jersey has a dominant lighter blue, referred to as “signal blue.”

That leaves open the likelihood that that a third jersey, such as the white jersey debuted this season, is incorporated for when the team plays clubs that wear blue uniforms. (That is, unless they plan to just pass the ball to Kansas City for that entire game.)


  1. The Home Jersey looks good, the away one looks like Wigan.

  2. Ed Farnsworth says:

    I like the home kit a lot. No long-sleeve options available yet, though. (Still ordered short sleeve one, anyway!)

    On a side note, scrolling through the personalized options might provide some info about who the Union expect to be here next season. Impact manager Jesse Marsch may say Adu is a possibility for selection in the Expansion Draft but Adu jerseys are for sale in the Union shop. Other unprotected players’ shirts include Paunovic and Mapp.

    • But at the same time, it took a while for Stahl and Myrie shirts to become unavailable for purchase … just sayin’. 😉

  3. I don’t know. On first glance they look uglier than the once we have now. Sometimes simple is good; and less is more. Don’t like them.

  4. Really like the new home kit, the light blue accents and stripes really make it “pop”

  5. I’m excited about the incorporation of the lighter blue, but I need to see them in match action to judge.

  6. Not into it at all. I think the away kit incorporates the white to make the Bimbo logo less hideous and combined with the light blue and gold stripes. TRYING. TO. HARD.

  7. I dig em!

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