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PSP’s Man of the Year

(Photo: Earl Gardner)

On Wednesday, we took a look at who should be protected in the 2011 Expansion Draft by the Philadelphia Union based on the player ratings we do after each game. We now look at who earned Man of the Match—the highest rated player in each game— honors in 2011.

After calculating the player ratings averages for Union players, we have, as a special bonus, put together the list below of the Man of the Match from each game of the season. Well, each game except for one. The away match at San Jose, as all involved would surely testify, produced none worthy of a pedestal.

Man of the Match was determined by the highest rating given in a match. If multiple players shared the highest rating, an advanced statistical system called, “Subjective Interpretation” was used to determine the player most deserving of the award. The player with the most Man of the Match honors wins the Man of the Year.

So, who took home Man of the Year honors?

If you guessed Bearfight, you guessed BearRight. Danny Califf was PSP’s Man of the Match 4.5 times. In the only instance of a split award, Califf and Valdes each received MotM for their performance at Seattle, the team’s most thrilling win of the year. In fact, Califf won MotM 3.5 of the last four weeks of the season. Yes, he got it for the New York match, because that one could have been much worse.

Roger Torres received the second most MotM awards with four. Torres won for his performances against the Red Bulls at home, in the home loss to Colorado, in the comeback at New England, and away at Columbus.

The rest of the award winners are below:

  • Three MotM: Mwanga, Le Toux, Carroll, Valdes (2.5, rounded up)
  • Two MotM: Mondragon, Williams, Mapp, Ruiz
  • One MotM: MacMath, Marfan, Daniel, Paunovic, McInerney
Looking ahead

The distribution of Man of the Match Awards attests to the depth and strength of the Union’s young squad; one of the oldest players won the most awards, one of the youngest took home the silver. As Man of the Year Danny Califf, has already noted, this is a team that needs to be kept together through the offseason.

The full Man of the Match list is below:

Match Opponent MotM Location Writer Outcome Score Goalscorers Subs
1 Houston Mondragon A Mike Servedio W 1-0 Califf Mwanga, Farfan, Okugo
2 Vancouver Le Toux H Adam Cann W 1-0 Ruiz McInerney, Torres, Garfan
3 Los Angeles Valdes A Adam Cann L 1-0  – Daniel, Torres, McInerney
4 New York Torres H Adam Cann W 1-0 Torres Mwanga, Torres
5 Seattle Ruiz H Adam Cann T 1-1 Ruiz Mwanga, Mapp
6 San Jose Daniel H Adam Cann W 1-0 Le Toux (pk) Miglioranzi, Marfan, Nakazawa
7 Portland Valdes A Adam Cann L 0-1  – Nakazawa, McInerney, Torres
8 Los Angeles Mwanga H Adam Cann T 1-1 Mwanga Mwanga, Torres, McInerney
9 Dallas Carroll A Adam Cann L 0-2  – McInerney, Ruiz, Daniel
10 Chicago Ruiz H Adam Cann W 2-1 Marfan, Ruiz Nakazawa, Torres, Garfan
11 Toronto Mapp A Adam Cann W 6-2 Garfan, Mapp, Naka, Mapp, Mwanga, Mwanga Daniel
12 Colorado Mwanga A Adam Cann T 1-1 Mwanga Mwanga, Daniel, Miglioranzi
13 Real Salt Lake Carroll H Adam Cann T 1-1 Daniel Mapp, Torres, McInerney
14 Vancouver Williams A Adam Cann L 0-1  – Torres, Marfan, Mwanga
15 Sporting KC Carroll H Adam Cann T 0-0  – Marfan, Torres, McInerney
16 Chivas USA Mwanga H Adam Cann W 3-2 Mwanga, Paunovic, Ruiz Daniel, Mwanga, Nakazawa
17 DC Califf A Adam Cann T 2-2 own (Kitchen), Ruiz Garfan, Daniel, McInerney
18 San Jose none A Adam Cann T 0-0  – Marfan, Torres, McInerney
19 New England Williams A Adam Cann W 3-0 Ruiz, Valdes, Williams Mwanga, Marfan, Miglioranzi
20 Colorado Torres H Adam Cann L 1-2 Torres Pauno, Torres, Marfan
21 Chicago Mondragon A Adam Cann T 1-1 Paunovic Daniel, Mwanga, Nakazawa
22 Houston McInerney H Adam Cann T 1-1 McInerney Marfan, Mwanga, Miglioranzi
23 Dallas Le Toux H Adam Cann T 2-2 Le Toux (pk), Le Toux (pk) Daniel, Mwanga, Torres
24 Columbus Paunovic A Adam Cann L 1-2 Paunovic Marfan, McInerney, Adu
25 Real Salt Lake Mapp A Adam Cann L 1-2 Le Toux MacMath, Adu, Torres
26 New England Torres A Eli Pearlman-Storch T 4-4 Torres, Adu, Le Toux, Le Toux Mwanga, Marfan, Mapp
27 Portland MacMath H Mike Servedio T 0-0  – Mapp, McInerney, Nakazawa
28 Columbus Torres A Eli Pearlman-Storch W 1-0 Le Toux Mwanga, Okugo, Langley
29 Kansas City Marfan A Adam Cann T 1-1 Le Toux McInerney, Pfeffer, Miglioranzi
30 DC Le Toux H Mike Servedio W 3-2 Le Toux, Le Toux, Marfan Mapp, Adu, Nakazawa
31 Chivas Califf A Eli Pearlman-Storch T 1-1 Mapp Torres, Adu, Nakazawa
32 Seattle Califf/Valdes A Adam Cann W 2-0 Adu, Carroll Okugo, McInerney, Miglioranzi
33 Toronto Califf H Eli Pearlman-Storch T 1-1  Le Toux McInerney, Torres, Mwanga
34 New York Califf A Eli Pearlman-Storch L 0-1  – Adu, Mwanga, Torres



  1. Friend of the U says:

    Why do our subs always have to be the players whose name begins with an M? Is Piotr discriminating against the M’s? 😉

  2. As one of the people at the San Jose away match, I will concur that no one deserves man of the match from that one.

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