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The Sons of Ben #OccupyRBA

PSP photographer Earl Gardner was with the Sons of Ben as they traveled to show their support of the Philadelphia Union as they took on New York Red Bulls at Red Bull Arena. Here’s a look at what Earl saw during the course of the day as the Sons of Ben and other Union supporters did their team loud and proud.

Photo by Earl GardnerPre-bus ride tailgating at PPL Park. DJ Travis “It’s not a skirt, it’s a kilt” Rego prepares to head up the Ginger Bus.

Photo by Earl GardnerVolunteers work on getting everyone signed in.

Photo by Earl GardnerThe SoB’s feast on a delicious variety of food.

Photo by Earl GardnerVolunteers help to get everyone fed.

Photo by Earl GardnerSons of Ben VP Corey Furlan gets interviewed by CSN.

Photo by Earl GardnerSome SoB’s mugging for the camera.

Photo by Earl GardnerBaron VonBearfight prepares to judge the battle.

Photo by Earl GardnerThe Bearfight Brigade prepares for the under card battle of the day.

Photo by Earl GardnerBearfighters do their best to try and gain a title shot at the Champion.

Photo by Earl Gardner16 Years…  No Cups…  16 Years…  No Cups…  16 Years…  No Cups…  

Photo by Earl GardnerThe march in to #OccupyRBA begins.

Photo by Earl GardnerThe Sons of Ben make their presence known inside of Red Bull Arena.

Photo by Earl GardnerThe marching continues up to the second level of Red Bull Arena.

Photo by Earl GardnerCSN, “Why does Red Bull Come in Cans?”
SoB, “Because they have no cups!”

Photo by Earl GardnerThe Sons of Ben turn their backs on the Pink Cow introductions.

Photo by Earl GardnerSome Galatasaray fans came out to support Faryd Mondragon.

Photo by Earl GardnerThey’re here, they’re there, they’re every f*&king-where, empty seats… empty seats…

Photo by Earl GardnerThe 1200 Sons of Ben and Union supporters showed RBA what away support is all about.


  1. Way to end the pictures right before warm-ups ended.

    Oh yeah, you lost.

  2. Was that last photo just as the RBs scored?

  3. Earl Gardner says:

    The stench of north jersey infected my camera causing it to take a shit 15 minutes into the match.

  4. Anthony Branca says:

    Funny on how that last pic was taken @ 7 the game started at 8 filthadelphia sucks!!!!

  5. Scott Stevens says:

    >make fun of North Jersey stench
    >from Philadelphia

    Makes sense.

    Again, stop taking photos an hour before the match starts and try to play it off like empty seats. Typical Philly.

  6. Patrik Elias says:

    2011 MLS Attendance Averages

    RBNY – 19691
    Philly – 18259

    Keep chasing that rainbow Union fans.

    • Ed Farnsworth says:

      Hi Patrik,

      Official capacity of RBA: 25,000
      Official capacity of PPL: 18,500

      Who’s doing a better job filling their stadium?

      • if that match is any indicator nj’s average numbers are quite inflated.

      • not to mention that over a thousand of those actually attending were our fans.

      • That argument works if your average attendance is at your capacity.

        Which it is not.

        I suggest occupying your own home stadium to raise that.

  7. Woah PSP invaded!!! Eff these Cow fans!

  8. I bet the ride home was quiet.

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