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Mondy x-ray, Union record, Garfan for US, Libya has a new flag


It’s official: Mondragon has an extra-articular phalanx fracture. Out 2-4 weeks. From Emedicine: “Extra-articular fractures of the distal phalanx are common and are associated with significant soft-tissue injury. Most distal phalangeal fractures are crush injuries from a perpendicular force. They can be associated with significant debility, usually in the form of soft-tissue loss, nail bed injury, or posttraumatic neuromas.”

In this article in The Boston Globe, Benny Feilhaber says New England shouldn’t worry about the playoffs because they aren’t playing good enough soccer to get to the post-season. New England is 1-3-5 since the beginning of July. I wonder if any other MLS team has an identical record…

The Union Dues goes on a rant about the RSL lineup choices that I am happy to link to.

No starting XI, lack of scoring, dropping points at home, and keeping a strong defense are the four Union City Blues keys to success down the stretch.

Greg Lalas is somewhere between a lazy researcher and a creative genius when he gives us a list of five possibilities for the USMNT left back position. Two are 25 or younger but would be new to the position (including the U’s Gabe Farfan) and the other three are 29 or older. So they’d be, what, 32 for the World Cup? Is that really the plan, G-money?


Happy Birthday to Walter Giesler, the manager of the 1950 USMNT that defeated England in the World Cup.

USSoccer.com has some news and notes ahead of the Belgium friendly.

Bob Bradley is in Torreon and looks likely to be a finalist for the head coaching job at Santos Laguna. “I’m here to conduct business and visit a few people,” Bradley said. Which makes it sound like he’s going to hit the bathroom and sign a contract.

Sigi Schmidt told SoundersAtHeart that Bob Bradley getting any international job would be a good thing for American soccer.


Sporting KC picked up a point through a late penalty against LA.

Although MLSsoccer.com says its Playoff Picture article includes games through Sept. 5, the Union have still only played 24 games. I guess they played so poorly they don’t even get credit for 90 minutes? That seems mean, MLS. (If they fix this without a note, just ignore my whining. It was wrong this morning.)


Johan Cruyff has labeled Jose Mourinho arrogant. Little late to the party, Johan.

Manchester City are investigating claims that their chief executive, Garry Cook, sent a email to a player’s mother/agent ridiculing her cancer. TwoHundredPercent takes this story as an opportunity to remind us that news coverage is 24/7 nowadays and that none of the facts are in. That’s a darn good point.

Libya beat Mozambique and unveiled a new uniform, anthem and flag. Big, big day.

101greatgoals.com gives you the top goals of the week. Ronaldinho’s back on the list!


  1. Will be incredible if Libya makes it to the African Cup!

  2. As much as a Union fan I am I was amazed he listed Garfan as a possible NT player, at his unnatural position. If anything, Marfan in the midfield is closer to being NT ready … but neither are THAT close we need an article about it.

    And the lack of a Starting XI is getting to me. I am getting mad.

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