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Money, money, money


Kerith Gabriel reports that Carlos Ruiz is headed to Mexican second division side Veracruz, after all. The reason appears to be the simplest one of all: money. A source tells Gabriel that Ruiz stands to make “upwards of $400,000-plus” in the move to Mexico. What remains unknown—and as far as I’m concerned, this is the only thing that truly matters with this news—is what the Union will gain in return. Gabriel reports, with all of the recent roster deletions, the Union now have $411,795 in freed up salary money with which to make some moves in the transfer window, a figure that does not include what he refers to as “additional incentives.” (I’m unclear if  additional incentives is the stuff that makes the difference between base salary and guaranteed compensation, but I assume it is.)

I never warmed to Ruiz’ style of play—I don’t like poachers or divers and his workrate stood in sharp contrast to that of his teammates and what the fans expect. Nevertheless, I came to appreciate his contributions to the club—he may be a poacher and a diver, but he was OUR poacher and diver. Still, if Ruiz truly was somehow affected by negative criticism from Union fans or the press to the point of wanting to leave the Union, I like him even less for not having strong enough character to take the criticism and prove the critics wrong. And if the ultimate reason for him wanting to leave a conference championship and playoff contender club in the middle of the season was to make an extra $100,000 this year with a second division club, then he is a total piece of shit and good riddance to him.

Kyle McCartky writes at Goal.com that Peter Nowak’s comments about Union supporters during the announcement that Ruiz was leaving the club were “a rare blip on an otherwise exemplary year for Nowak”:

“It isn’t usually wise to snipe at one of the more robust fanbases in the league. It makes even less sense when the diatribe only serves to obscure the competitive reasons why the Union plans to hawk an expensive ($306,670 in guaranteed compensation, according to MLS Players Union documents) and modestly productive (a haul of six goals tempered by his ill-fitting place in a team filled with quick slashers that combine well) forward for a transfer fee after signing him for free from Aris (Greece) in February.”

The Union drop one spot to no. 5 in the MLSsoccer.com power rankings.

Roger Torres says of playing at PPL Park, “Listening to them, the way they chant my name, that’s something that makes me feel very good.”

Vote Roger Torres for Goal of the Week.

Torres gets an honorable mention in Goal.com’s Best XI for Week 20.


Check out this two part interview with Independence owner David Halstead about the expansion plans of WPS and the possibility of affiliation with MLS. (Part one, part two.)


Jurgen Klinsmann on his plans for the USMNT. “I have my own ideas for the program. And I will, step by step, introduce the ideas that I have, always double-checking if it suits the American game…There are a lot of different challenges ahead of us, especially on the foundation level. How they should be trained, how often they should train, how much time they should spend with the ball, how they should develop their talent…It’s come a long way but we have a ways to go still to break into those top 10 in the world. We need to be realistic that we are not belonging there right now, or not yet.”

“One of my challenges will be defining how the US should represent its country. What should be the style of play,” Klinsmann also said. “It’s not just about the players but the people who are surrounding them in this country, like the media and coaches. There is such a wealth of knowledge in this country that in Europe and South America is unheard of.”

What should be the style of play? Is it more proactive and aggressive, a forward-thinking style of play?” Klinsmann elaborated. “Or is it more reacting style of play? That comes with the players that you have at your disposal, but also the people that you are surrounded with. (Finding a style) will be one of our main topics, always sitting down and discussing that. It should reflect your mentality and your culture…There’s so much influence coming from the Latin environment over the last 15-20 years,” Klinsmann said. “It also has to be reflected in the U.S. National Team, and you have so many kids now with dual citizenship, Mexican or other Central American countries and American, so that will always be a topic to discuss.”

“It all starts down to develop the next Landon Donovan,” Klinsmann also said. “You need maybe 10 Landon Donovans at different positions with different characteristics in order to one day be there.”

Klinsmann said he will announce the roster for the Mexico friendly on Wednesday and that selecting his staff will take some time.


New York Cosmos vice-president Terry Byrne tells the Daily Mail that the team is in discussions with MLS about the possibility of using a temporary venue should they enter the league. “Discussions with the league are ongoing over the potential for a temporary solution as a two or three year stop-gap. That would give us the opportunity to find the right piece of land and build the right stadium. We are confident that in the next couple of years we will be in an exciting place.”


  1. Paul Crowell says:

    Thank you. Nail on the head. It’s about $$, not the fans running him out of town. There has been transfer chatter all summer about Ruiz. Where was that coming from? My guess is his agent. If the world was knocking down his door to sign him, he wouldn’t be going to the Mex 2nd division. He was shopped to the highest bidder.

  2. What puts an even more bitter taste in my mouth about this situation is the blatant and outright lie where he told Kerith he was happy in Philly, his family was moving here, etc. You learn something new every day … bullsh*t can come out of a fish’s mouth. Here’s to hoping the Union play Veracruz (and Ruiz) in the CCL soon.

  3. I wouldn’t even think twice if given the option of taking an extra $100K to leave an ungrateful city. Boo hoo, I didn’t sprint back fast enough for you after being offsides, gee I’m so sorry. And poaching goals? Le Toux wishes he could poach goals now. Ruiz is gonna laugh all the way to the bank, as well he should.

    • Benjamin T. says:

      You wouldn’t think twice either? So be it. Good riddance to greedy mercenaries. Don’t let the door barely touch you on the way out, lest you fall over and roll around screaming bloody murder.

      • Are you a soccer noob? It happens everywhere…have you seen what happens in Europe? Are you a Chelsea fan? Man City? Thats a part of futbal…

      • Ed Farnsworth says:

        What’s with the “are you a soccer noob”? Because someone doesn’t like greedy mercenaries? Yeah, it happens everywhere…but it doesn’t happen all of the time. There are greedy bastards in all businesses, soccer included. Saying you don’t like it just means you appreciate a different kind of businessperson. And “futbal”? What are you, Slovak? 😉

      • Portuguese

      • Ed Farnsworth says:

        Mantenha os comentários vindo!

      • Ed Farnsworth says:

        Eles são uma contribuição welcom ao blog!

      • Benjamin T. says:

        Los, I know what I describe is a part of football, but it’s a part of the game that I do not condone or support. I know mercenaries exist, but I simply don’t want them on my team. I know diving is everywhere, but I’d prefer that it not be.

        I understand the players are playing for a contract, and it is their livelihood. But some players need to realize that their contract ultimately exists because of the fans. Sure, the money comes from sponsors. But the sponsors are competing for the attention of the fans. Philly fans live through their teams and their players, and Philly athletes need to understand this dynamic. Guys like Williams, Le Toux, Califf, Mondragon, and many more GET IT. Ruiz never got it.

  4. Ha, love that the Cosmos are discussing using a temporary venue “should they enter the league”, talk about putting the cart before the horse.

  5. After reading the interview with the Independence’s owner, I’m a little shocked at what seems to be(at least to me) a somewhat disjointed relationship between the two franchises. While the players of each team are supportive of their counterparts, maybe the FOs could do more to develop a partnership between the clubs.

    • Honestly I have heard farfetched ideas of the MLS absorbing the WPS as a womans division (like European leagues do) and I LOVE that idea.

      Won’t happen, if ever, until the MLS starts making money though.

      • Ed Farnsworth says:

        I’d like it to happen too. And I agree – I don’t think it’ll be happening anytime soon. In the meanwhile, there’s no reason why the two Philly clubs can’t work together for the mutual benefit of both, not to mention the benefit of the Philly soccer community.

  6. Food for thought…Ruiz ended up being a huge success for the Union…a FREE transfer got us 6 goals and 16 points PLUS 400K…excellent return and great business in the end…strictly from a money stand point…I wonder if that was the Union’s aim from the get go?

  7. if diving were the issue everyone wouldn’t be in love with le toux and jack mac.

    • Ed Farnsworth says:

      C’mon nickt, really? There is selling the foul. And then there are those who mortgage their reputation. There is diving and then there are writhing dive merchants. Do you seriously think Le Toux or McInerney are dive merchants? I can think of several things to be critical about with Le Toux and McInerney. Them being divers isn’t close to be one of those things. Ruiz? Dive merchant. Le Toux and McInerney? no even close.
      (And let me remind you that when Ruiz was being a dive merchant for the Union, while I hate that style of play, at least he was OUR dive merchant. Now that he’s chosen to go elsewhere, what I could tolerate in our service is now just one of those reasons why I couldn’t really embrace him. Hypocritical? I’ll be the first to admit.)

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