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Kensington Soccer Club in pictures

On Thursday evening, the Kensington Soccer Club held its second annual Summer Family Day as friends and family of the club’s 100 boys and girls gathered at Cassiano Field on Dauphin and Leithgow Streets. Celebrating the conclusion of their summer season, the attendees enjoyed hamburgers and hot dogs while catching up with friends and neighbors, as well as enjoying an appearance from Lauren Fowlkes of the Philadelphia Independence. Meanwhile, the kids were doing the thing that brings them together twice a week: playing soccer.


  1. This is amazing! More of this please!

  2. Katrina Rakowski says:

    The pictures are incredible! You really captured the spirit of the day! Thank you!

  3. Great job! Seeing these pictures is almost more fun than being at the event itself!

  4. anderson=colombiano says:

    The pictures are incredible! This soccer club is great hope
    do it again!…. Colombiano was here lol

  5. awesome

  6. ¡¡¡¡Tremendo!!!!! Adelante

  7. Thank you for coming to take pictures of our club! It’s great to see how happy soccer makes these kids.

  8. jeanne speir says:

    As a former volunteer PAL youth soccer coach and a soccer “Mom” while my kids were growing up, the story and pictures resonated fond memories.
    Keep up the “good work.” These kids get fit, go outdoors, develop camaraderie, and use their brains and hearts.
    I applaud all your love and effort, grownups.

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