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Round Up – Red Bulls trounced, US takes on France


Semifinal vs France is at 11:30 am on ESPN. See our piece from yesterday breaking down both semifinals. Frankie predicts USA 2-1.


Danny Mwanga is backing Sons of Ben in the River Cup. Must be a tough choice, back the fans or the coaches.

Brotherly Game has more Ruiz to Mexico speculation. This time with Veracruz being the suitor. Meanwhile we’re just hoping Nowak is going to disappear him like Michael Orozco Fiscal.

US Open Cup

Fielding mostly reserves, the Red Bulls were trounced 4-0 in the US Open Cup last night by the Chicago Fire. Way to take it seriously guys, you still have no trophies.

After an hour delay for a thunderstorm, the Richmond Kickers ousted Sporting KC in Kansas City.

FC Dallas won the other quarterfinal and will play the winner of LA-Seattle, which is tonight.


SJ Earthquakes back up goalkeeper David Bingham scored a goal in a friendly against English club West Brom from 90 yards on a punt. SJ won the game 2-1. In other news, their stadium still sucks.

The Red Bulls signed former Hamburg goalkeeper Frank Rost as their third DP yesterday. Judging from last night’s result, good call.


Newcastle’s Joey Barton was denied entrance to the US for the club’s preseason trip because of his past criminal record. No wonder he never gets a look with the national team, he can’t get out of the country.

Fifa has hired Massimo Busacca of Switzerland as the head of referees. “The 42-year-old Busacca has won worldwide praise for his handling of the 2009 Champions League final. He was suspended months later after making an offensive gesture to Swiss fans.” Greaaaaaat. Sounds like a guy who could work for FIFA.


  1. Seriously, you guys need to stop harping on Ruiz so much when a lot of the “problem” that you see (which is no problem at all really) is the strategy shift.. As well, if we had Le Toux and not Ruiz, we would have less wins and ties because Le Toux’s touch is horrible!
    And you also forgot to note the RBNY only sent backups to the USOC game… they would have phoned it in if they didn’t have to physically show up.

    • Mike Servedio says:

      I’ve actually thought Ruiz has been decent in the last few matches, the best he’s been all season. Merely a joke about disappearing him.

      I noted that the Red Bull side was mostly reserves. They should be embarrassed by the result no matter who was on the field though.

  2. watching the us women. hope solo is better than seitz.

    • I was wondering the other day if the women’s national team could beat the union. I doubt it but may be interesting to see…and no seitz is probably better that hope solo but she is better looking

  3. I wonder when we’re finally going to hear some Union signing news.

  4. I’m with Josh on this one. Seriously, rumors ALL OVER THE PLACE, not even a bite about the Union? Though Nowak shrouds himself in mystery so be ready for everything, anything and nothing.

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