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Round-up: Union vs Harrisburg, Krieger interview and more!


CSN is going to show the Union’s match against Everton but the showdown with Real Madrid gets the ESPN Deportes and ESPN3.

The Union’s Kevin Kinkead breaks down the team’s performance using MLS Chalkboards.

Mark your calendars: The Union are traveling to Harrisburg in August to face the City Islanders!

Why is Juan Diego Gonzalez still on the Philadelphia Union? The Brotherly Game wants to know.


In a total no-brainer, Tasha Kai’s four goals earned her Player of the Week honors.

Photos from Saturday’s Independence win coming up later today on PSP.


The Shin Guardian has a list of things the Women’s World Cup should be teaching fans and participants of the men’s game.

Tim Rohan of the Inquirer runs through some of the many connections that link Philly and the US Women’s National team. Update: He calls WPS “WPL.” Philly.com/Inquirer’s research and editing department strikes again!

More from The Sporting News, as they highlighted Abby Wambach’s path to stardom.

Who do you think scored a great interview with Ali Krieger about the USA/Brazil game? Freakin’ NPR that’s who! Anybody who listens to NPR knows that it features quite possibly the most ridiculous sports coverage on the entire planet. Usually, the entire goal of an NPR sports story is to work in a ridiculously obvious and painful sports pun at the end, just as the music rises. NPR stories on the NCAA tournament – which is probably the even to which they devote the most coverage – often begin with something like, “College basketball’s march madness involves sixty-four teams fighting for a title. And this year, many teams think they have a chance.” Wow. Deep. But this Krieger interview is awesome so check it out, especially the part where she talks about how amazed everyone was when Erika jumped off a stretcher and re-entered the game like nothing was wrong.


The Sporting News talks to the owner of the next MLS expansion team from Montreal.

The New York Times talks to Don Garber about why European powers like touring the USA for preseason.

Rumors are swirling that Vancouver will further augment their squad by adding an African designated player once the transfer window opens. For now, lips are sealed on that player’s identity but many believe it will be a striker to help Eric Hassli since Atiba Harris is out injured.


Napoli signed Gokhan Inler to a contract, and I’d be lion if I said the press conference was a normal one! Yeah. Lion. Heh.

Thirteen members of an Eritrean team disappeared after a regional tournament in Tanzania. Their teammates tried to cover for them by having multiple passports stamped. Also, this isn’t the first time a dozen or more Eritreans have disappeared after a tournament.

After scoring only once in their first two matches combined, Argentina finally erupted for a quick trio of second half goals against Costa Rica in the Copa America. Leo Messi was the catalyst, of course.

July 12 is the anniversary of the day that Zinedine Zidane absolutely took over the world football stage by demolishing the favored Brazilian team in the World Cup final.



  1. I heart Ali Krieger. There, I said it.

  2. great story about Wambach! Thanks for posting.

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