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Who needs a happy thought for a Monday morning?

Peter Nowak on the Union’s 1–1 draw with Colorado: “We were a little disappointed not to get three points. But you cannot be too greedy coming here.” Which is why he put in Stefani Miglioranzi, I guess.

Colorado coach Gary Smith said, “[T]o come here and get a point, that’s a great result for them.”

Nowak reportedly described the PK call as “bogus.” Jordan Harvey said, “I’m not sure if that’s a PK but the ref called it.” Said Danny Mwanga, “The PK call was kind of questionable.” Yep.

Mwanga said further about the PK, “I think that gave us more motivation. We had more chances, and I think we could’ve easily scored maybe two or three more goals if we had more time. I think it was a good test for us, but getting that goal as quickly as we did, it kept us in the game and gave us motivation to keep fighting until the end of the game.”

Match reports from the Union websitePhilly Soccer News, the Brotherly Game, Goal.com (1) (2) and some analysis from the Brotherly Game.

Twitter followers may have noticed this tweet from Sheanon Williams’ girlfriend, @hannmariewhalen, on Sunday: “What grown men miss their flight because they stop to get CANDY on the way to the gate?! Oh right @sheanonwilliams and friends do. #stupid.” When asked by Amobi Okugo, in Philly recuperating from his recent injury, who the friends were, Whalen replied, “@amobisays mwanga and keon… Who else would it be?” The PSP is happy to report that, at the very least, Danny Mwanga made it back to Philly. PSP writer Eli Pearlman-Storch saw him outside of Buffalo Billiards in Old City around 9pm on Sunday night. Williams, it is presumed, was at home, grounded.

The highest ranked Union player on the latest Castrol Index is Danny Califf at no. 13. The next highest is Carlos Valdes at no. 37. Jordan Harvey is next (79) followed by Sheannon Williams (83) and Faryd Mondragon (124). At no. 135, Sebastien Le Toux is the highest ranked offensive player.

Attention all UK nationals who support the Union: a Philadelphia Union UK Fan Group is on Facebook.

From the Department of Where Are They Now, the headline for this piece from the Brotherly Game speculates that Michael Orozco Fiscal is on trial with Pachuca but the text concludes he has “joined Pachuca either on loan or full time.” Good luck to him.


The Independence had a disappointing scoreless draw against Atlanta Beat on Saturday.

With the absence of four players now with the USWNT for the upcoming World Cup, the depth of the Independence roster will be tested. Tasha Kai is expected to be the offensive force: “My job is to score, so I hold myself accountable.”


Reading United remain undefeated in league play with a 2–1 road win over New Jersey Rangers.

Harrisburg City Islanders topped Charleston Battery 1–0.

Scientist’s continue to speculate about what happened to Neanderthal man. Did the species assimilate with and so become superseded by Homo sapiens? Did Homo sapiens exterminate their rivals? Was it climate change that led to Neanderthal’s extinction? Today, there is new evidence that Neanderthals assimilated with Homo sapiens. In fact, this evidence shows that one of them is called Mark Perner and that he writes for the Daily News. He begins today’s “High and Inside” column, “WITH APOLOGIES to Sons of Ben, most Americans don’t give a hoot about soccer. We don’t look at it as a major sport and wonder aloud how anyone can watch a game where 1-0 leads are insurmountable.” Notice the shift from the declarative “most Americans” to the presumptively inclusive “We don’t look at it as a major sport.” Notice the lack of an apology to the tens of thousands of Union supporters who are not members of the Sons of Ben. All of it typical Neanderthal-like reasoning. After making fun of the name of the town in Brazil where a scoreless draw in a friendly between the national team and the Netherlands resulted in fans booing the Brazil squad (Philly fans would never do such an incredible thing), Perner helpfully explains that a friendly is “a game against another country that doesn’t count for anything; we call them exhibition games here in America.” Oh, really? So how did the American newspaper the Philadelphia Inquirer—perhaps Perner is familiar with it— refer to the Real Madrid tour? Ah, yes, a “series of friendlies.” Knuckledragger. I feel for you, Kerith, I really do.


In Eastern Conference play, thanks to a stoppage time equalizer from Columbus’ Rich Balchan to finish 1–1 with the Energy Drinks, the Union remain in first place with a two point lead and a game in hand. Last Tuesday’s 3–2 win over Portland combined with 0–0 draw with LA on Friday was enough to move DC United into third over Houston, who lost 2–0 to San Jose. Toronto managed to keep Kansas City scoreless for a 0–0 draw and Chicago did the same against Seattle. Dallas topped New England 1–0.

The Energy Drinks are winless since April. Luke Rodgers says, “Everyone’s fuming in there, there’s a lot of arguing.” Aw, what a pity.


We must keep the 4–0 loss to Spain in perspective, says this commentary piece.I had it in perspective on Saturday after the first half when I began my afternoon nap.

Clint Dempsey says, “You have to look at it in a good way—(we) got kicked up the backside, and (it) humbled us. Now we have to go out and get the job done.”

IMS says the lesson learned from the Spain game is that US Soccer shouldn’t schedule a friendly against the world’s best team three says before playing the first game in a major tournament.

SI, MLS Talk preview the Gold Cup.

The USWNT beat Mexico 1–0 on Sunday thanks to a stoppage time goal from Lauren Cheney.

Only 5,852 showed up at Red Bull Arena to see the team in their final match before the World Cup. US Soccer president Sunil Gulati says don’t look to the World Cup to solve the struggles facing the women’s game. “If you’re talking about recreating the magic moment of ’99, no, that’s not going to happen. We’re not at home. It won’t be that iconic. Very few things can compete with that in any sport. And the history of women’s leagues is that they’re a struggle.”

Here’s a Q&A with Bob Gansler, newly inducted Hall of Fame member and coach of the US squad at the 1990 World Cup.

Chris Savino talks to former US goalkeeper Tony Meola.


The CONCACAF corruption scandal is turning out to be even more entertaining than the FIFA corruption scandal. On Saturday, the confederation announced it had “provisiionally” suspended acting president Lisle Austin, who had earlier in the week tried to remove whistleblower Chuck Blazer as secretary general. As this piece makes clear, Blazer isn’t exactly blemish free himself. Alfredo Hawitt is now acting president.

Henry Kissinger was proposed by Sepp Blatter to participate in reforming FIFA. “If it can help,” says Kissinger, “I’d be willing to participate but we need to know other participants and terms of reference.


  1. “[T]o come here and get a point, that’s a great result for them.” That’s a bit pompous from Colorado Coach Smith considering they only scored on a bogus PK call. We should’ve gotten all 3 points. For COLORADO to get a point is a LUCKY result for them.

  2. What do some of these columnists stand to gain in trashing soccer? It’s always the same old tired whining about low scores. You would think they’d hate baseball with as much passion, or good defensive American football. Basketball would be the only sport for them, if the scoreline were their REAL problem.

    I suspect they’re just jealous of all the fun the rest of us are having. Perhaps they feel as if their Philly sports passion is threatened by the very vocal and well-organized Sons of Ben. Rather than learn more about the game and join in on the good times, they despise that which they do not understand.

  3. Adam Cann says:

    Oh thank goodness. Kissinger.

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