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Independence vs Flash in Photos

Sinead Farrelly moving the ball out
Megan Rapinoe’s breakaway leading to her goal
Celebrating Rapinoe’s brilliant strike
Tina DiMartino boxed out by McCall Zerboni
Lianne Sanderson leaps for a header that makes it to Brittany Bock
Amy Rodriguez nearly kicked in the face
WNY celebrates their first goal
Nicole Barnhart guesses wrong on Marta’s penalty kick
Independence frustration as the Flash rejoices
Sanderson settles
Rodriguez nearly takes another hit
Marta streaks past Jen Buczkowski toward goal
Zerboni and Farrelly fight for control of the ball
Lori Lindsey sends in a cross
Rodriguez WILL beat you to that ball
Tasha Kai and Megan Rapinoe signing autographs
Buczkowski does the same. They’ll get ’em next time, young man.

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