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Union to host Everton July 20

The Union announced on Wednesday the the club will host Everton at PPL Park in a friendly on Wednesday, July 20 at PPL Park.

The match is included in the ticket package of full season ticket holders.

Full season ticket holders will also be invited to attend Everton’s training session at PPL Park on Tuesday, July 19.

According to the press release announcing the friendly, “Full season ticket holders will have access to a special online pre-sale on Wednesday, May 4, beginning at 10 a.m. Partial season ticket plan holders will have access to the online pre-sale on Friday, May 6, beginning at 10 a.m.

“Individual tickets ranging in price from $25 for Supporters tickets to $50 for Midfield tickets go on sale to the general public at 10 a.m. on Monday, May 9. Groups of 15 or more will receive a $5 discount per ticket and also have the option of creating a group combo pack that allows them to pair the Everton match with one regular season Union match for a $10 discounted ticket for both games.”


  1. I could care less about Everton. I’m a Union fan. I really can’t stand these friendly matches in the middle of our MLS season. This game falls between the REVs match on 7/13/11 and the SSFC match on 7/23/11. Do we really need to risk injuries to our starters and our backups to see Everton’s starters for a half and their reserves for a half? Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think any club in the EPL has friendly matches in the middle of their season? MLS shouldn’t either.

  2. I 100% agree with the notion that many will have about not wanting to play a friendly in the middle of our season, and specifically in a week where we will now get 2-3 days rest between games.

    However, I think this is a necessary evil for continuing to develop interest in the league. Everton is not as big a deal as Man U, but I know a number of people who went to the Linc to watch last year and now they follow the Union because we had some quality on the pitch. I dont want it to cost us points, but if it helps grow the fan base even a little then I think its worth it. We are not the EPL and I dont think the MLS can afford to avoid these great opporunities to host a well-known club from overseas.

    Just my take, but I can see the other side of this too.

  3. This friendly is a great idea only if we steal Leighton Baines for the rest of our season. Sorry, Jordan, but he’s a lot better. And that would mean no more free kicks for Le Toux either.

  4. Having this friendly is still a great opportunity for the fans and league as a whole. I don’t want it to cost us points either, but we can play subs for a decent part of the match if we want to rest particular starters. It would be nice to see guys like Torres and Jackmac get extended run against great competition. Plus, the game seems to be free since I already have season tickets.

  5. Should be a fun game, looking forward to seeing Timmay! At least with Everton, we shouldn’t be subjected to the general douchebaggery of all those phony fans that ManUre attracted to the Linc. Everton will bring a decent side from across the pond, with Cahill, Arteta, Beckford, Fellaini (and his ‘fro), Rodwell and Coleman to go along with their former Metros keeper. Looking forward to great night at PPL.

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