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Photo: Nicolae Stoian


The Union-hosted segment of Sueñ0 MLS 2011 took place at YSC Sports in Wayne on Saturday and Sunday and the PSP photographers were out in full force. A photo essay of Saturday’s activities as captured by Nicolae Stoian will be up later today. Earl Gardner will have a photo essay of Sunday’s events up on Tuesday. PSP photographer Daniel Gajdamowicz shot the event for MLS.

The Delco Times looks at the improved Union backline.

Chris Savino looks at how the Union are doing with social media and finds they come in fourth in terms of Facebook followers, tenth in Twitter followers.

from August of last year), and calls to end it are certainly nothing to get one’s knickers in a bind over. Rather, criticism is largely directed at the “Us” (e.g. the Sons of Ben/The River End) versus “Them” (e.g. the rest of PPL Park) tone of the post.


The Harrisburg City Islanders home opener on April 16 was rained out so the team started the season on the road against Pittsburgh Riverhounds. Unfortunately, the City Islanders fell short, losing 1–0.

CONCACAF Champions League

The LA Times says, “Watching Real Salt Lake play should be mandatory for every soccer coach or would-be coach north of the Rio Grande.”

RSL knows “Nothing is given yet.”

Monterrey drew this weekend in league play.


With the Energy Drinks moved into first place in the Eastern Conference with their win over DC on Thursday with 11 points. The Union are in second with 10 points. Houston, Columbus and New England each have 9 points. Houston drew 1–1 with Chicago on Sunday. New England came from behind to beat Sporting KC 3–2 and Columbus and Toronto drew 1–1.

In the wake of Brian Mullen’s horrible leg-breaking tackle against the Sounders’ Steve Zakuani, the Examiner looks at league directives to referees and how they shape the game. The article concludes, “There’s nothing referee Silviu Petrescu could have done to prevent Mullan’s third-minute tackle on Zakuani, but Mullan wouldn’t have made that tackle if he didn’t think he could get away with it.” The MLS disciplinary committee will meet to decide how long Mullen will be suspended this week.

2010 MVP Dave Ferreira had an ankle broken as the result of a rough challenge in Dallas’ 2–1 road win over Vancouver on Saturday.

New England Revolution finally have a shirt sponsor.

Noting that “From on-field quality to off-field success, the MLS is starting to knock on the metaphorical football door and other nations have no choice but to take notice,” The Business of Soccer evaluates “the good, bad, and ugly of the MLS season so far.”

David Beckham has been cleared by LA Galaxy to attend the Royal Wedding. How nice.

Eric Hassli will miss his third match in eight games played this year due to another suspension. Poor oaf.

Besiktas midfielder Guti says, “Los Angeles, New York or Istanbul will be my destination next year. I have decided nothing yet but in a month everything will be decided.”


  1. Unholy? That’s the name of MY blog… hehehe…

    To reiterate, the only argument here is the reaction and how the SoB’s are presenting themselves here through leadership, as well as the few who reiterate what is being said. If there was a clear and funny alternative to YSA, and it was slowly adopted, that would be one thing and this whole issue would never be presented. Being told that it’s a problem and needs to be stopped, without any ramifications or replacements while saying this in a condescending manner annoys people.

    But the matter is still, what about chants that start with “Mondragon’s got a 12 inch …” and “a**hole” chant that starts up spontaneously… will there be issues with that as well?

    I agree with most, YSA becomes tacky after a while, but to newcomers, this is the first time they hear it and they think it’s hysterical. And considering an argument of “it’s not creative”, tell me one thing that the crowd have done creatively without it being adopted from DC united, or any USMNT game? Very little, and even then when it is set out to be used, it dies out to the claps and monotone chants.

    • Ed Farnsworth says:

      You can read Dan’s blog, Unholy Union, here.

    • Thank you, Dan. I’m tired of the “it’s not creative” excuse when it comes to YSA, as if that’s the only chant that’s used by other SG. Every time I hear that excuse I think of the Union fans sitting in front of me confusedly clapping to NJPC chants because the SOBs just finished doing the same chant. BTW: love the blog.

      • Thanks! Feel free to comment on any of our posts… It almost feels lonely sometimes without any feedback other than a coworker of ours making silly remarks.

      • You’d be right if the “‘it’s not creative’ excuse” was being used as the sole reason to kill it, but it’s not.

        Saying “It’s not original” is merely being used to counter the baffling inertia the chant has built up.

  2. how many DPs are ny/la allowed…f&@#ing hell.

  3. “Unholy shit storm.” That’s the best way I’ve heard it put so far. A word of advice- do NOT eff with Philly-area suburban soccer moms.

  4. Can we have Guti? Please? Thanks. How can LA or NY even fit him? They each have 3 dp’s right? I may just start my blog right now and call it GUTI-delphia.

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