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Union players have been tweeting from Greece. Amobi Okugo says, “good session today excited for the season.” Apparently in response to a question from someone wondering if they should buy his jersey, Faryd Mondragon says, “LOL!!! dont worry i will be at this Marvelous Club for many many years, so feel free to get it.” After tweeting in English “Thanks philadelphia for welcome. I am very happy of be here”, Carlos Valdes asks (if my Google translator has gotten it right), “Place your bets! Who won the pool contest last night: Roger or Juan Diego…Vote yyyaaaaa”. Ryan Richter gives a shout out: “Anyone trying to find the best way to teach their kids to learn and play soccer in montco and delaware county check out @SoccerShotsSEPa“. Sheanon Williams is having trouble sleeping with the time difference—”Thought I was gonna get some sleep when I went to bed at 9 it’s 1230 and I’m awake it’s gonna be a long night #timedifferencesucks—(I feel you, brother) and says, “Still in Greece hoping the weather will get better and missing home….final stretch excited to get home and get things going.” I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say we can’t wait to have you, and everyone, back in Philly.

MLS Talk previews the 2011 Union and predicts a fourth place finish in the Eastern Conference. Some key quotes:

  • “Philadelphia Union epitomized the difficulties that can hamper a team trying to ensure a strong future while mixing and matching spare parts into holes for the interim.”
  • “The Union have experienced a lot of starting squad loss this offseason. Many of these players were older placeholders for youngsters coming through the system.”
  • “I like the way that Nowak and the Union have put the priority on building a youthful organization. I don’t think that 2011 will be the year that it all comes to fruition, but they should benefit from confidence in net and some key additions throughout the pitch.”

From the Union website, an analysis of the current—and let me make very clear, NOT YET COMPLETE—roster.

Also, more on an ambitious Carlos Ruiz.

Philly Union Talk has their own analysis of the Union’s midfield.

Cristian Arrieta is on trial with FC Dallas. Two questions: how come FC Dallas will talk about who is on trial with them and is FC Dallas becoming the Land of Misfit Former-Union players?

SB Nation has bought the soccer blog network The Offside. Not sure what that will mean for their local representatives and fellow Union media community members, The Brotherly Game and The Offside Union. This report says SB Nation recently raised $10.5 million in funding [bringing its funding to $24 million] and that as of last fall “SB Nation had nearly 300 sites with 410 paid writers.” Wow. Not only will someone else pay for the development, design and hosting of a soccer website, as well as handle the marketing and advertising, they’ll also pay you to write for them? Who knew.


If you have a subscription to the Philadelphia Business Journal (I don’t), Independence owner David Halstead, while thrilled to have a dozen corporate sponsors for the team, laments the lack of support for women’s pro sports from local businesses that sponsor men’s pro sports teams. Too right!

Nicole Barnhart, Megan Rapinoe and Amy Rodriguez all get the start for today’s USWNT match against Norway at the Algarve Cup in Portugal.


ASN Philly talks to US youth international, FC Delco and The Haverford School star Max Kurtzman, soon to be at the University of Pennsylvania.


Adrian Cann, the Toronto FC central defender, has returned to Toronto without the club, apparently in search of a new contract. Could the Union use a fourth CD?

MLS Talk previews the 2011 Energy Drinks.

Soccer By Ives talks to Portland owner Merritt Paulson.

The first phase of the construction of the new San Jose Earthquakes stadium—demolishing the existing structure—has begun.


Chuck Blazer calls FIFA’s decision to award six spots in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil to South American teams “completely ludicrous.” You tell ’em, Chuck!

Canada will host the 2015 Women’s World Cup. They’ll be heartbroken when the USWNT beats them on their home soil.

FIFA says they will invest more in goal line technology.

SAF has been charged with improper conduct for his outburst against referee Martin Atkinson following Manchester United’s loss to Chelsea. “If Ferguson is found guilty, it would trigger an additional two-match ban. Half of a four-match penalty for questioning referee Alan Wiley’s fitness last season was suspended until the end of this season.” In response, SAF has imposed a media ban, canceling all media duties, including with the club’s very own MUTV. Presumably because if the media hadn’t reported his outburst, none of this would have happened. SAF will also appeal the charges. (He had until next Tuesday to respond to the charges so there was never any danger that he would not be on the sidelines for Sunday’s match against Liverpool.)

Footy on the Telly™

Friday, March 4
Lecce v Roma 2:30pm FSP
Saturday, March 5
Central Coast v Gold Coast 3am FSC
Birmingham v West Brom 7:30am ESPN2
Hanover v Bayern Munich 9:30am GolTV
Arsenal v Sunderland 10am FSC
Newcastle v Everton 10am FSP
Fulham v Blackburn 12pm FSP
Manchester City v Wigan 12:30pm FSC
Bayer Leverkusen v Wolfsburg 12:30pm GolTV
Cardiff City v Ipswich Town 2pm FSP
Juventus v AC Milan 2:30pm FSC
Atletico Madrid v Villarreal 4pm GolTV
Bolton v Aston Villa 5pm FSC
Nacional v Junior 6:15pm GolTV
Sunday, March 6
Sampdoria v Cesena 6:30am FSP
Liverpool v Manchester United 8:30am FSC
Inter Milan v Genoa 9am FSP
Wolverhampton v Tottenham 11am FSC
Athletic Bilbao v Sevilla 1pm GolTV
Lazio v Palermo 2:30pm FSC
Racing Santander v Real Madrid 3pm GolTV
Marseille v Lille 3pm FSP
QPR v Leicester 5pm FSP
Monday, March 7
Blackpool v Chelsea 3pm ESPN2

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