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Union Math: – 2 + 2 = where’s Orozco Fiscal?

In accordance with the MLS Roster Compliance deadline, today the Union waived two players and signed two more.

Neither the waivings nor the signings were particularly surprising.

Waived today were Nick Zimmerman and Temple product JT Noone. Both players have struggled to find playing time while with the Union.

Signed were Supplemental Draft pick and local product Ryan Richter and Trinidad & Tobago goalkeeper Thorne Holder.

The biggest piece of news, however, seems to be news of omission. While not mentioned in the Union’s press release, Michael Orozco Fiscal has disappeared from the Union’s roster.

Also missing from the roster is SuperDraft pick Levi Houapeu.

The Union’s roster now stands at 22: three goalkeepers, five defenders, nine midfielders and five forwards.

We’ll have more details as they become known.

Photo montage: courtesy of the Union, Nicolae Stoian, and the Union


  1. Sweet. Now we don’t even have enough players to play 11 v 11 in training (I understand that 22/2 = 11, but 3 of them are keepers).

  2. Levi is still with the team, but not yet signed according to a voice in the front office. O-F is not. JT and Nick were likely victims of the on/off budget set up and having signed senior contracts last season (Zimmerman’s was upgraded to senior by virtue of being expansion drafed).

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