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Soccer for Union scabs

Ronaldinho doesn’t like running or training. But that doesn’t mean he can’t produce magic if you put the ball at his feet and let him kick it. ‘Dinho starts celebrating this amazing free kick before it even goes in!

On the topic of free kicks, Wesley Sneijder can hit a pretty mean dead ball himself. It would be easy to say that Inter’s turnaround in the second half of the season is due to Leonardo’s coaching. It would be correct to say that it is due to Sneijder’s return from injury.

Wayne Rooney scored the goal of the season against Manchester City. So that means he’s above the law, right? Apparently referee Mark Clattenberg thinks so. And of course his manager, Alex Ferguson, agrees. After Baby Shrek clearly elbowed a Wigan player in the head away from play and in full view of the referee, the game was halted and Clattenberg apparently told Rooney that he had done nothing wrong and that he should perhaps twist his hips more next time to make sure his victim is properly concussed by the impact of the elbow.

Amauri is like Mario Gomez. He is big, occasionally skilled, and very successful when he gets a ton of service from super-talented teammates. Unlike Gomez, Amauri has the touch to pull off this sick backheel finish.

Arsenal was expected to win the Carling Cup. All they had to do was beat Birmingham City to end a long hardware drought. Unfortunately, Arsenal is still Arsenal. And that means they never, ever play a full ninety minutes, assuming that 65 minutes of free-flowing passing football will create a hypnotic state in their opponents. Or something. I don’t know what they really think, but they should really toughen up soon. Obafemi Martins had the winner for Birmingham, and it was the easiest goal he’s ever scored.

Alexis Sanchez is a name you should write down and remember. If you are a fan of a big market club, chances are this young winger will be in your rumor bin over the summer. He is absolutely destroying Serie A for Udinese this year and his second goal yesterday showed the sweet feet that will carry him to a huge pay raise.

Balotelli and I have a difficult relationship. I think he is an otherworldly talent who has done more things I can’t believe than any other player over the past two years despite injuries. On the other hand, Balo has an attitude that makes Cristiano Ronaldo seem like Mother Teresa. What’s wrong in this kid’s head?

I know half of you are going to think this is completely annoying, but the other half of you (and me) think this is cute. And if you take soccer so seriously that you can’t awwwww at a dog chasing a ball then you need to step back and reevaluate your priorities.

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  1. Great Post! Nice information of soccer player stats it really helpful in training.

    • Josh Trott says:

      I’m going to use this once our season starts! I don’t think its fair to say that Arsenal stopped playing. They weren’t the hardest workers, but they were creating chances- and the goal. All Szszyszykys fault, to my mind.

      I take consolation in this. They will be more motivated to win the league this year.

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