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The Offsides has more on the rumors linking 32-year-old Colombian forward Tressor Moreno to the Union. But this report says Moreno has signed with Brazilian club Bahia following the failure of negotiations with the Union. (You can read a crappy translation here.)

The Brotherly Game looks at five FC Delco products who are headed to Division 1 schools. The article includes a brief overview of the Union’s academy system, of which FC Delco is a part, and observes that, when it comes to easily accessible information on youth players in its academy system, the Union “could be the least transparent team in the entire league.”

From the Union website, a look at the need for more goals from players other than Sebastien Le Toux and Danny Mwanga and a look at the development of local product JT Noone.


After 22 years as coach of the Haverford High School boys soccer team, Jorge Severini contract has not been renewed. Severini was a member of the 1973 NASL championship-winning Philadelphia Atoms before embarking on a long career of coaching at the college and high school level.

Matt Gwilliam takes over as coach of Temple’s women’s team.


Philly Union Talk looks at the changing perceptions of the MLS brand.

SI looks at some recent examples of the league’s growing pains.

Vancouver’s stadium renovation should be complete by September 30, just in time for the end of their first season in MLS. Nevertheless, the Whitecaps are coming together quickly as a team.

From the Department of Oh My God Why Won’t He Just Go Away Already, David Beckham will train with Tottenham for a further two weeks before rejoining the Galaxy.

Is Beckham’s Tottenham stay part of a larger plan? The president of AEG, the company that owns LA Galaxy, says, “You are going to hear more about that in the future but part of what has been created here is a strategic alliance between AEG and Tottenham on thinking about how we can be involved in Tottenham the football club.”

Those rumors linking Nicolas Anelke to the Energy Drinks? Surprise!—not true.

Could Miroslav Klose end his career in MLS?

Clint Dempsey has no plans to finish his career in MLS. “No disrespect, but I want to finish at the highest level and I think the highest level is in Europe.”

Jose Mourinho would like to coach in MLS. Someday. In, like, ten or fifteen years.


The 2012 Olympic soccer tournament and Euro 2012 will take place within one month of each other, causing top European clubs to insist that their players not be forced to play in more than one major competition per season. Other than whatever league their in, associated league and national cup competitions, perhaps the Champions League or Europa League and maybe the Club World Cup, that is.

Beginning in July, Barcelona will drop the UNICEF logo from the front of their jersey and replace it with the Qatari Foundation logo. The UNICEF logo will now be on the back of the jersey under the player’s name.

Daniel Alves describes the widespread racist abuse he endures in Spain: “Every match the crowd goes after me. They insult me, call me monkey.”

Richard Keys and Andy Grey, recently fired from Sky Sports, can now spread their sexist drivel on the radio waves after they are hired by UK radio station TalkSport.

The Canadian women’s team has threatened to boycott international competitions unless the Canadian Soccer Association re-hires coach coach Carolina Morace.

The Wall Street Journal, of all places, looks at the science of substitutions—thanks to the work of Bret Myers, a professor of management and operations at the Villanova School of Business. I’ll do just about anything to watch a bunch of soccer games. too.

Oliver Demolis paid €7,350 ($10,030) to an online dealer for the shirt worn by David Trezeguet for France’s World Cup final win over Brazil in 1998. When he went to pick it up from the post office, he was told that customs had destroyed the shirt because they believed it was a counterfeit.


  1. If you ask me, those racist fans in Spain are poseurs.

  2. Scoring depth is the elephant in the room for the Union this year. People were (rightfuly) concentrating on the goalkeeping issue that then need to spread the scoring was a bit ignored. Mwanga has to hit double figures. I just want to know where the other goals are coming from. Union Jack looks to start things as a super sub and will need to kick some goals from that role. We are banking a lot on some young guys growing up pretty quickly…

    • We have three strikers. 2 technically since the Union still list Le Toux as a midfielder.

      Both of them are under 20. I’m glad i’m not the only one dumb-founded by this.

  3. DM10 netted 7 goals last season, and that’s after sitting out a few games, plus he didn’t find his scoring boots until after a few games. I can see him hitting double digits in 2011.

  4. Thanks for posting the Severini story; was not aware. Feel sad but that’s life as a coach, and all those who are thinking of making coaching a career should be aware that you’re just a number.

    You forgot to mention that Barcelona was actually paying UNICEF. Now they have signed a record five-year sponsorship deal with Qatar Sports Investment worth 30 million euros ($41 million) a season! BIMBO got a steal! 🙂

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