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The Union left for Orlando on Tuesday for the next phase of preseason training. There the club will develop individualized training programs for its players. “They are going to be 19 difficult days,” said Peter Nowak, “Because they don’t all have a tank like Sebastien.”

Michael Orozco Fiscal wants to stay in Philly permanently.

Sebastien Le Toux comes in at fourth in this list of the ten most intriguing MLS players from SI’s Steve Davis: “No one works harder and that, as much as the scoring, has endeared him to Philly’s demanding sports fanatics.”

Zach Pfeffer was featured on 6abc. The Union website has the video.

The Philthy blog has “Several Half-Ass Concepts For the Union Mascot.” Message to the Union: never get a mascot. Never. Ever. I’m not joking.


This profile on the Independence top draft pick and Havertown-native Sinead Farrelly also highlights an unfortunate question about women’s professional soccer in the US: will the WPS survive? Give the uncertainty of the answer to that question, Farrelly wisely focused on her education as well as her game: “You just never know what’s going to happen and I still can’t know for sure.”

Amy Rodriguez talks about the time she has recently spent with the USWNT.


In case you missed it, yesterday’s “major announcement” from the league was that Red Bull Arena will be the site of the 2011 All-Star game. Yawn…

The All-Star game opponent is expected to be announced in the next 30 days.

The preseason tournament between Seattle, Portland and Vancouver sold out shortly after going on sale on Tuesday.

Vancouver beats Real Salt Lake 2-1 in first game of the preseason, a game which took place over three 45 minute periods..

Commissioner Garber pulls in the reins on the Cosmos as a lock to become the 20th team in MLS.

Charlie Davies is with DC United to be evaluated for a possible one year loan.

Here’s an interesting look at the downside of the relationship between adidas and MLS. Namely, how it reduces the possibility that Nike-sponsored teams such as Barcelona and Boca Juniors might establish franchises in the league to practically nil.


NASL supporters groups have sent US Soccer president Sunil Gulati a letter pleading the case for the league to be sanctioned as the second division of pro soccer.

In related news, last week the owners of NASL team the Carolina Railhawks auctioned their trademark—”including all logos, mascots and even their website”—on eBay. They winning bid? $14,999.00. More on this here.


Here’s a look at how the movement of players such as Eddie Johnson, Jozy Altidore and Freddy Adu does little to enhance the reputation of the US as a producer of attacking talent.

ESPN wonders if time is running out for Jozy Atlidore.

A Ticketmaster pricing error meant that tickets for the upcoming friendly between the US and Paraguay in Nashville that should have sold for $70 during the presale were sold for $38. Ticketmaster has sent the “small group” of purchasers an email saying they will have to pay the difference or their seats will be moved. Because Ticketmaster did not discover the error until after tickets went on sale to the general public, those who bought the mis-priced tickets will be at a disadvantage when it comes to selecting different seats.

Some have argued that what soccer needs to succeed in the US is more player and club statistics. Others disagree. Slate.com takes a look at the efforts being made to come up with soccer stats. Meanwhile, Slate earlier produced this nightmarish vision of what a stat-filled broadcast might look like, using the USA v Turkey match at the Linc as the backdrop. (If you look real close you can see me in the second row behind goal after Dempsey scores!)


UEFA warns clubs they must comply with financial rules after transfer window spending spree.

The Premiership could be subject to intervention from the British government after spending spree.

The road toward understanding how the Glazers came up with the £249.1m to pay off the Payment In-Kind loan in November apparently runs down I95 to Delaware.

Four Serbian football hooligans have been banned from Italy for five years for the part they played in inciting violence that resulted in a Euro 2012 qualification match being abandoned last October.


  1. Great roundup Ed. The Slate video is fantastic. The ESPN piece is trash, the idea that a 21 year old is running our of time is simply farcical. Would have preferred him transfer to another spanish side, but if he gets playing time in Turkey and can actually put the ball in the net, i’m all for it, because then, before his 22nd birthday he could make his way to a club where he can start. Don’t forget, he plays for the 3rd best team in arguably the best league on the planet.

  2. The most important fact above: the Union are not allowed, under any circumstances too even consider getting a mascot.

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