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Let the draft begin

I’m traveling down to Baltimore for today’s SuperDraft so this news roundup may be a bit thin since I’m writing it Wednesday night rather than Thursday morning. The first round of the draft will be live on ESPN2 and ESPN3 with MLSSoccer.com providing coverage of the subsequent rounds. Of course, the Philly Soccer Page will be following and posting live updates of the draft throughout the day.


Nick Sakiewicz on this year’s SuperDraft: “Last year, we were stocking a team. This year, we’ll be adding, tweaking and rounding out some positions.”

In the same piece, Sakiewicz said, “I think defensively we’re going to look great this year. We’ve got player announcements forthcoming that are really going to sure some things up in the back.”

Alert PSP reader “Mike” found a link to this report from the German website Bild regarding Marek Mintal. Mintal, who is not a defender, is reportedly now in town to discuss a deal with the Union. The contract would reportedly be for three years at $330,000 per year with an option for a fourth year. You can read a crappy translation here.

The folks in Maryland are pretty excited about hosting the SuperDraft. This blogger is, anyway, and he’s mighty impressed with the showing Union supporters put on at last year’s draft.

You, sir, are no octopus.


Chesapeake the Dolphin, who resides at the Baltimore Aquarium, has selected AJ Soares to be the top pick  in today’s SuperDraft.

For an established team that is doing well like Real Salt Lake, the question may be whether to draft or to trade.

In case you were wondering, here’s why the MLS SuperDraft matters.


Katherine Reynolds, drafted by the Independence  last year, has signed with Atlanta Beat.


Reynald Temarii, a former Oceania Football Confederation president who was issued with a 12-month ban from FIFA’s executive committee after being found guilty of ethics violations, says he is confident the ban will be turned over on appeal. “I received a letter from Fifa on 30 December 2010 and I have been cleared from all corruption allegations,” he said. “The ethics committee have accused me of breaching Fifa confidentiality and loyalty, with which I totally disagree.”

Michel Platini, president of UEFA, hopes the 2022 World Cup will be played across the whole of the Gulf. “I hope it will be a World Cup of the Gulf. It could be the World Cup of Qatar but played in the Gulf.” When questioned about how such a dramatic change could occur when no mention of this possibility was made in the bidding process, Platini said, “”Who will remember the words in 12 years? In 12 years everybody will be happy to have a very well-organized World Cup and not remember what’s happened before.” I will remember, Monsieur Platini, I will.

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  1. Howzabout the story coming from MTV3 of Finland – no relation to the “music” station apparently – that Toni Stahl hath been released from the team?! http://www.mtv3.fi/urheilu/futis/uutiset.shtml/arkistot/futis/2011/01/1253831

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