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World Cup Host Vote

Today is the big day. In the 21 years since the US was chosen by FIFA to host the 1994 World Cup the development of US soccer both domestically and internationally has been a continuous upward line of growth. Today is the day we will learn if the next twelve years of the development of soccer in this country will enjoy the reward of something larger than itself. At 10am today, supporters of soccer in US will learn if that support has been recognized by FIFA as not just significant and worthy but also essential for the continued growth of the sport here and throughout the world. Today is the day we will earn if the US will host the 2022 World Cup.

Yesterday, the delegation for the US bid joined its competitors—Australia, Japan, Qatar, South Korea—in giving its final presentation to FIFA’s Exectutive Committee.

Reviews were mixed, with some feeling that presenters Morgan Freeman and Bill Clinton “scored an own goal.”

The US presentation stressed three things: the diversity of this country, the already existing stadium, hotel and transportation infrastructure, and the enormous profits that FIFA stands to gain here.

The main question surrounding the US bid is the “Legacy” question.

The US bid was long viewed as the favorite, but lately it has been eclipsed by Qatar. (You can look at one bookmaker’s odds here.)

Whoever is named by FIFA to host the 2022 World Cup will say great deal about the organization’s priorities.

Philadelphia is still at the top of the US bid cities leader board with 104,428 votes. Indinnapolis is in second with 87,808 votes.

You can watch the announcement of who will host the 2018 and the 2022 World Cups live on FSC from 9:30am with ESPN, ESPN Deportes, Univision and CNN International providing coverage from 10am. You can watch online at ESPN3 and FIFA.com.


Amobi Okugo may have been the best US U-20 player at the recent Torneo de las Americas. He praises Peter Nowak and the Union for his ongoing development.

Union assistant coach Rob Vartughian has been busy scouting the NCAA championship tournament.


Toronto FC may soon have a new owner but questions remain.

Toronto traded Joseph Nane to Colorado Rapids for a third round SuperDraft pick.

Seattle Sounders made Freddy Montero their third designated player on Wednesday.

Alvaro Saborio has been made Real Salt Lake’s first designated player.

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