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Union lose Salinas, Moreno

Editor’s note: Refresh your page during the draft. We are updating the picks as they are announced. For a detailed look at the draft and how it affects Philadelphia Union, click here.

Shea Salinas was picked by Vancouver in the fourth round of the MLS Expansion Draft. Chris Seitz was protected after Salinas was picked. Alejandro Moreno was picked by Vancouver in the seventh round.

More updates and analysis to follow on the PSP as information becomes available.

First Round
Portland: Dax McCarty (DAL; Daniel Hernandez removed from list)
Vancouver: Sanna Nyassi (SEA; Patrick Ianni removed from list)

Second Round
Portland: Eric Brunner (CLB; Kevin Burns protected)
Vancouver: Atiba Harris (DAL; Dallas removed from draft)

Third Round
Portland: Adam Moffat (CLB; Crew removed from draft)
Vancouver: Nathan Sturgis (SEA; Seattle removed from draft)

Fourth Round
Portland: Anthony Wallace (COL; Wells Thompson protected)
Vancouver: Shea Salinas (PHI; Chris Seitz protected)

Fifth Round
Portland: David Horst (RSL; Collen Warner protected)
Vancouver: Alan Gordon (CHV; Mariano Trujillo protected)

Sixth Round
Portland: Robbie Findley (RSL; Salt Lake removed from from draft)
Vancouver: O’Brian White (TOR; Julian de Guzman protected)

Seventh Round
Portland: Peter Lowry (CHI; Dasan Robinson protected)
Vancouver: Alejandro Moreno (PHI; Philadelphia removed from draft)

Eighth Round
Portland: Jonathan Bornstein (CHV; Chivas removed from draft)
Vancouver: Joe Cannon (SJ; Tim Ward protected)

Ninth Round
Portland: Jordan Graye (DC; Kurt Morsink protected)
Vancouver: Jonathan Leathers (KC; Eric Kroneburg protected)

Tenth Round
Portland: Arturo Alvarez (SJ; San Jose removed from draft)
Vancouver: John Thorrington (CHI)


  1. Absolutely heartbroken.

  2. I’m so sad about Salinas right now. 🙁

    And why in the hell would we protect Chris Seitz?! That just blows my mind.

  3. Bummer, we saw it coming when the lists were released. Surprised that Seitz was pulled back, guess we know who our #1 is going to be next year.

  4. Salinas whipping the ball in for big Flash Gordon and Atiba Harris? Looks like Vancouver will be a fun side to watch in 2011.

  5. Nowak is looking pretty stupid in this draft. Were going to lose Jacobson and Salinas. Both the future of our midfield.

  6. as an aside. both portland and vancouver have really sweet logos and colors.


  7. Bye, bye Alejandro!

  8. Hello another year of 4-2-2-2

  9. Nothing against Moreno, he seems like a good guy, but I’m so happy he was picked over someone else!

  10. Portland has taken Robbie Findley and Jonathan Bornstein???? What are they thinking, both guys are heading for other leagues.

  11. Best possible scenario. Rather lose Moreno then Jacobson. Salinas hurts, bad. At least we know what were doing in the off season. Buy width. I am hopeful that Salinas was exposed because his injury concerns made Nowak doubt his longevity. Kind of how Kaka got sold to Madrid after Milan realized he was never going to be the same player again. We can only hope. Losing just Salinas is better than Salinas and Jacobson.

  12. Good riddance. Super nice guy but center forwards need to be measured in goals, not intangibles. Use the extra cash to reward Le Toux for a MVP season.

  13. Question: by selecting Bornstein and Findley does Portland get anything besides rights if they player comes back with 2 years? Or do they get allocation money/draft picks since they technically own the rights to those players now?

    • Just the rights, I think. But they can trade those rights if Bornstein or Findley returns. Findley might play for them next year though. He has Oregon ties and hasn’t ruled out a return to MLS.

  14. Ed Farnsworth says:

    So the Union lose two players after one season in the league while LA, the Energy Drinks, New England and Houston lose no one. Yep, that’s fair.

  15. That’s it….

    Good and bad for the Union. It definately stings to lose a good, young player like Salinas. He was a good guy off the field and seemed like a rising star on the pitch. Losing Moreno is easier to swallow, his lack of scoring and bigger salary make his departure less upsetting.

    The question becomes how will the Union use Moreno’s salary money to better the side?

    • Most of Moreno’s money has to go to Le Toux I would think. He has to be the highest paid player on the team to secure him over the long term in my mind. Fred is rumored to be outta here so I would hope his money goes to width in the midfield or a veteran keeper. While I would say left back also Harvey appears to be going no where…unfortunately. Not to mention at this point we need a new striker as well. We have mwanga, jack, and le toux if one goes down were stretched pretty thin.

  16. Losing Salinas definitely stings. He not only had the speed, but grit and determination. The kind of guy who’d make you get out of your seat to witness his quickness. He was a fan favorite, even if his on-field production was lacking (1 goal, 0 assists). He will be missed, and I’m afraid he’ll turn into the 2011 season’s Le Toux.

  17. 4-1-1-1-1-1-1

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