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Salinas to be protected? More news

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Could the fact that the Union posted a story on their website on Sunday about Shea Salinas entitled “Salinas Comfortable in Philadelphia” mean that the PSP favorite will be protected in the expansion draft? Let us hope so.

With Danny Mwanga eligible to be selected by either the US or Congo, speculation as to which team he will choose to play for is a recurring question in any piece about his future. On Friday, Sounders forward Steve Zakuani, who was eligible to play for England, the US and Congo, chose Congo. He tweeted, “Tough decision but long wait for US citizenship nailed it. If citizenship could have been fast-tracked, probably would have gone with US but happy with my decision…can’t wait to represent Africa!” Write your congressperson to change immigration law to fast track Danny Mwanga’s US citizenship before it is too late!

More fallout from the Le Toux MVP snub. An article on Goal.com about what’s wrong with the award argues that the reason why Sebastien Le Toux wasn’t the MVP is Chris Seitz. “It would be pretty difficult for anybody to argue Le Toux wasn’t one of the league’s three best players this season, but due to the definition of this award, Le Toux wasn’t recognized because of, well, Chris Seitz…And if a team’s howler-prone goalkeeper is what keeps an individual player from winning an individual award, it’s clear the system is broken. Time to fix it.”

In happier news, Le Toux has been named to Soccer America’s its MLS bext XI.


First the good news:

Midfielder Tina DiMartino has been named to the 24-player preliminary roster for the USWNT ahead of the two-game playoff against Italy to qualify for the 2011 Women’s World Cup. Lori Lindsey, Heather Mitts and Amy Rodriguez are also on the roster.

And now the bad:

The San Francisco Chronicle reported on Saturday that FC Gold Pride has been unable to secure additional investors and will fold. An official announcement is expected this week. Team general manager Ilisa Kessler is quoted in the article as saying, “I don’t know if there’s an appetite for women’s professional sports, much less for women’s soccer, in the Bay Area.”

It remains uncertain whether Washington Freedom, Chicago Red Stars and Boston Breakers will be able to make the reserve payments required by the league in time to meet today’s deadline, a deadline which had been extended from the original November 1 due date. The Equalizer reports that Boston, whose finances are rumored to be secure, is waiting to see if Washington secures needed investors before making its reserve payment. A minimum of six teams are necessary for the league to continue. If Washington can stay afloat, it would be the fifth team and Boston would be the sixth.

At present, Atlanta Beat, Philadelphia Independence, Sky Blue FC and the expansion Western New York team are the only teams that have made the reserve payment. Should Washington and Boston survive, WPS will, for 2011 at least, be a regional professional league.

In related news, the English FA has issued assurances that its soon to be launched women’s league will not face the same financial difficulties professional women’s soccer has faced in the US. “Their league is professional whereas ours will essentially be semi-pro,” said Sally Horrox, project manager for the tentatively named FA Super League, “and I don’t think that more than a handful of players will be truly full‑time professionals over here.”


No 11 Princeton defeated Yale 2–1 on Saturday to complete a perfect record in Ivy League play. Freshman Patrick O’Neil scored the game-winning goal. After a 1–3–1 start to the season, Princeton finished with a 13–3–1 record on a twelve-game winning streak. They are the first men’s team in the school’s history to have a perfect Ivy League record. On Monday they will learn who they have drawn in the NCAA championship tournament.

No. 18 Penn fell to Harvard 2–1 in overtime on Saturday, finishing the regular season with a 12–5–0 record. They will find out on Monday afternoon whether they have been selected for the NCAA championship tournament.

La Salle defeated St. Louis on Friday 2–0 to advance to the Atlantic 10 championship final off of two goals from Glenroy Chapman. In Sunday’s final, La Salle met Xavier, whom they had beaten 3–0 on November 5. But La Salle let in two second half goals to fall 2–0, losing the championship and the league’s automatic berth in the NCAA championship. Earlier, Xavier had defeated Temple 1–0 to knock them out of the tournament.


At the start of the MLS playoffs, much was made of what a LA v NY final would do for the television ratings of the MLS Cup final. Then, much to the chagrin of the league’s number counters, San Jose knocked out the Energy Drinks to spoil that scenario, only to fall to Colorado 1–0 in the Eastern (?!?) Conference final on Saturday to spoil the rags to riches LA v SJ scenario. “Well,” some must have been thinking, “at least we’ll have Landon Beckham and the Galaxy in the final to boast those television ratings.” So, what happens? Dallas goes and spanks LA in LA 3–0 on Sunday to claim the Western Conference Championship. If only San Jose had been able to win, the marketers could have peddled the final as a rematch of the World Series. Now they’ll just have to make do with marketing a final between the two best teams in the league.

If the fact that FC Dallas is from, well, Dallas and that Chestnut Hill Academy and FC Delco product Jeff Larentowicz plays for Colorado aren’t enough reasons to root for the Rapids in the final, there’s this quote from Dallas captain Daniel Hernandez: “No disrespect to the Eastern Conference, but tonight was the championship. By no means is it going to be easy in the finals because Colorado has had a great year. It’s going to be tough, but we’re prepared.” Nothing like a little hubris to comeback and bite you in the ass.


Teal Bunbury, born in Canada and recently selected for Wednesday’s friendly between the US and South Africa, explains why playing for the US was the right decision.

Maria Alejandra Espinoza, the driver of the SUV that crashed and killed Ashley J. Roberta and seriously injured Charlie Davies, has been charged with one count of involuntary manslaughter and two counts of DWI maiming.


FIFA’s ethics panel will begin a three-day hearing into allegations of bribery and collusion today.

This from the Adhoc Committee to Keep Kicking Wayne Rooney When He Is Down Because It’s Lots Of Fun: Special 1 TV looks at Wayne’s Radical Treatment:

From the Department of Much Ado About Nothing: Rooney has the temerity to select only one Manchester United teammate for his EA Sports Best XI:


  1. After reading that piece on Salinas, I too thought that it was a sign that he’ll be playing for the Union in 2011 and onward. What other players have been highlighted in recent days/weeks on the Union’s website? Califf. Le Toux. Anyone else? Maybe that’ll give us a glimpse of the 11 protected players we can expect to see next Monday.

  2. The goal.com link on Le Toux is’nt working for me, just a heads up. My internet has been shitting out on me though.

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