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News round-up: Because Bradley’s boring

Quick summary of responses to Bob Bradley re-upping with US Soccer: PSP’s Andrew Huff thinks it is a good move. The Boston Globe called it a reward. SI’s Grant Wahl thinks it’s a surprising move and wonders if there are conditions attached. But the best response is from Sam Fels of Off The Bar And Out: “The US Soccer Federation had a real chance to take a big leap here, to give a real manager four years to build a team and ethos to make some noise in Brazil.  They’ve decided to keep giving us Coldplay when we had a chance to become Radiohead. I’m gonna go punch a wall.” There’s just so much to smile about in that paragraph.

Gareth Wheeler of SlamSports is pumped to watch the beginning of the rise of Canadian soccer.

Scary news about WPS as the COO was laid off and the national marketing department (of two people) was disbanded. The league says it will focus on local promotion from now on.

According to SoccerSceneUSA, online voting for the WPS postseason awards has opened on the WPS website.

A beer and whiskey blogger takes in PPL Park. And he is impressed.

Francisco Varallo, the last living player from the 1930 World Cup final between Argentina and Uruguay, died yesterday.

With Bob Bradley out of the running, Everton manager David Moyes is the new favorite to become the leader at Aston Villa. Don’t do it, Dave! I hate your team, but not you. And these sideways moves rarely work out.

And for my loyal Reading readers: Pour some out for Gylfi Sigurdsson, that is. The Icelandic midfielder is on his way to Hoffenheim after Reading agreed to a 6 million pound fee. Gylfi was the catalyst for Reading’s improbably run to the top half of the table in the Championship last year.

And in sad Liverpool news:

Lucas vows to stay and fight

Oh god… why.

Gomez keen on Reds



  1. Mario Gomez couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat.

  2. Gutted at the loss of Gylfi! Hoffenheim’s offer was too large to pass up, good luck to the lad.

  3. Mike Servedio says:

    7 million for a championship player is impressive. Gylfi will be impossible to replace for Reading, their whole formation is based around his midfield/striker position. So much for that idea that we could go up again though…

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