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Union-Revolution in pictures

PSP photographer Nicolae Stoian worked Saturday’s Union match against the New England Revolution. Here are some highlights from the match.

The Union’s starting eleven

The sideline during the national anthem. Get your hands out of your pockets, lad!

Enter the Dragon: LE TOUX!

Miglioranzi mixes it up in the midfield

Who’s who by their shoes?

Mwanga setting up Le Toux, part one…

…part two…

…Le Toux sets up the shot…

…and celebrates…

…as does the rest of the team.

Jacobson introduces his new Dancing with the Stars partner

Danger averted in the backfield

The free kick from hell: get that wall into position!

The free kick from hell: the ball hits the ground…

The free kick from hell: the ball bounces!

Califf saves the day! (Spot the ball.)

Where’s the call?

Moreno talking to the press while Califf thanks the fans

Our hero: LE TOUX!

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