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Mapp, Seger, and lots of money questions

The Union News

The big news of the day is the Union’s trade for Justin Mapp. Mapp has the pedigree to slot into the distributing midfield role that can’t finder an owner on the current Union squad. Many have had a cup of coffee as the more offensive central midfielder but nobody has put their stamp on it the way Miglioranzi has grabbed the reins of the defensive role.

CityPaper continues to seek answers about the public money that was allocated to PPL Park. Apparently that money was supposed to go to mixed-use development, which would produce jobs and an economic boost for Chester. Instead, CityPaper reports that almost all of the $30 million went directly to the stadium. Additionally, the Delaware County Council has upped a hotel tax to cover the $30 million, despite initial promises that the money would be covered but Harrah’s Casino gambling revenues.

Soccer365’s John McGregor lists 5 reasons the Union are important to MLS. They include all three of the Union’s top 10 SuperDraft picks. MLS must see things differently since they left the Union off the All-Star pennant. Also, how did “rivalry with New York” beat out “fans that actually attend games, unlike New York”?

McGregor praises Nick Sakiewicz for his commitment to youth development. Check out PSP and KYW’s interview with Sakiewicz here.

The MLS News

The MLS All-Star jam takes place today. Read all about it in the Houston Chronicle, but here is the highlight: “Phife from Tribe Called Quest will coach Team I, and he’ll be assisted by Dynamo midfielder Lovel Palmer. His roster will include World Cup vet Alexi Lalas , former Oiler Bubba McDowell, rappers Slim Thug, Baby Bash, Chingo Bling, and Women’s World Cup veteran Brandi Chastain.” The italics are all mine. Any time Smugmug Lalas, Slim Thug, Baby Bash and Chingo Bling get together, even the font deserves special treatment.

The International News

FIFA has only built four of the 20 Centers for 2010 it promised as part of its commitment to develop soccer and promote social change in Africa. NPR reports that even when all 20 centers are complete, the total cost of the project will be $10 million. That is one-third of 1% of FIFA’s revenue from the 2010 World Cup. FIFA is only building the centers, other community groups have to come in and administer them. So while FIFA insists it is at the forefront of using soccer to promote social justice, unless there are other groups very involved in using the sport for good, FIFA is actually planting twenty roses and moving to Brazil without watering them.

Dani Alves, Thiago Silva, Ramires and Robinho are the only four players new Brazil coach Mano Menezes will keep for the squad’s upcoming friendly with the United States. In a positive sign for Brazil fans, Menezes will bring Pato and Luis Fabiano’s hands, which are magically outside the laws of the game.

GfK AG reports that German consumer confidence is up thanks to, “warm summer weather and Germany’s third placing in the World Cup soccer tournament…” France’s economic minister immediately turned on Le Channel du Weather upon hearing the news.

FIFA visited Australia, which is bidding for the 2022 World Cup. FIFA was impressed by the South Korean bid earlier this month and released a statement that read, “Money money money money. Money money, money money money. Money.”

The Independence News

Caroline Seger is the WPS Player of the Week. Paul Riley’s response to the news: “Great call.”

Boxscorenews gives a state of the league assessment of the WPS season and off-the-field achievements.

The Awesome/Awful News

Seattle’s Best defeated the Michigan Motion in the over-55 women’s soccer championship game. That is awesome.

ESPN found that almost every US sports stadium investigated had numerous food safety violations. The Linc had 33% of vendors in violation while Citizen’s Bank Park is at 29%.

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  1. orge Maradona says:

    The development will be gradually built, but we have to face the current attendance demand Vs the PPL Park seating capacity.

    July 30, 2010
    To: The Board of Governors of Exhibition Place
    From: Jay Sugarman
    Chief Executive of iStar Financial
    Subject: Additional Seating at PPL Park Field

    This report recommends that the Board approve the construction by the Ardmore, Pennsylvania-based T.N. Ward Company of additional seating (1,500 seats) at the supporters end of the stadium at a cost of approximately $1.472M. The additional seating would have the same look and be of the same quality as the existing seating and the intent would be to construct this seating in time for the opening of the 2011 season opener.

    It is recommended that the Board, subject to the approval of City Council, approve the construction by MLSL, at its sole cost and expense of approximately $1.472M, of
    1,500 additional seats to the existing 2000 person supporters club section end of PPL Park by adding additional rows all in accordance with the terms and conditions as set out in this report and such other terms as satisfactory to the Chief Executive Officer and the City Solicitor, and that the additional seating rows to the supporters end improvements so constructed shall be the property of the City of Chester and the seating shall be deemed to be part of the Stadium for the purposes of the current agreements between the Board, City and MLSE respecting the Stadium.

    Financial Implications:
    The entire cost of the proposed additional seating improvements shall be at the sole expense of MLSE with no cost to the City of Chester or the Board. The additional seating at PPL Park will result in positive revenues for the stadium budget which revenues will be shared between MLSE, Exhibition Place and Philadelphia Union in accordance with the existing agreements between the Board/City and MLSE and Philadelphia Union. Accordingly, it is estimated that there will be an increase in Stadium revenues of $70,000 with 50% paid to the Board and an estimated increase in parking revenues of $18,000 for the Board’s share.

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