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KYW-PSP podcast: Union CEO Nick Sakiewicz

Philadelphia Union CEO Nick Sakiewicz joined PSP’s Dan Walsh and KYW’s Greg Orlandini for a wide-ranging interview Tuesday night. In this week’s podcast, he addresses a whole bunch of things, including:

  • Anonymous reports that the Union won’t sign a designated player;
  • Prospective plans for expanding PPL Park and building a training facility;
  • The club’s financial situation;
  • J.T. Noone’s contract status (yes, he has a contract with the Union);
  • Plans for adding new players to the team.

Sakiewicz said this was “one of the best soccer interviews I’ve done in a long time,” and we agree. He proved to be a terrific interview.

Click here to listen.


  1. Ed Farnsworth says:

    I think I just learned more from that podcast than from months of writing news roundups for the PSP. We need to get that guy talking freely more often! He really gave insight into the club’s philosophy which is interesting both from an objective standpoint and from the perspective of being a Union supporter. Well done guys, all three of you.

  2. Great podcast. Really interested in the JT Noone bit. Wondering now if he is on season long loan to Harrisburg or something. So informative. Well done.

  3. Thanks guys. Nick proved a pretty good interview. We’ll definitely look to have him on again at some point.

    And yeah, I was really curious about Noone’s contract situation. It is pretty unusual. Essentially, he’s under contract with the Union, according to Sakiewicz, but he’s not listed on their roster online. An interesting precedent, don’t you think?

  4. Wow, loved that interview and has made me even more confident in the competence of this organization and Nowak. Absolutely right on about the DP situation and we can look at Real Salt Lake as an example that you do not need a DP to be successful in MLS. I was wondering if the radio program can be listened to through KYW’s website all the time or is it just a podcast? Found the program to be very good even after Nick left and you guys were talking about Landon.

  5. I really enjoyed the programs I have listened to so far and was pleasantly surprised that it was not just another rumors and Max Bretos esque idiot program. That is the first time I have found any solid information on financial situation of both the Union and MLS. I was wondering Dan if you had any information on what teams in the MLS are actually profitable right now? I recently read that last year the only teams that were profitable last year were Seattle, Toronto and Los Angeles. Is there any word if Philadelphia is in that category yet and if any other teams have gone on to that list? That says a lot about the MLS because I know that many if not most major European team can not even go into that category.

  6. Best podcast on soccer I’ve ever listened to. I’m am simply wowed that there is so much soccer knowledge and interest within in the press. Please keep it up and don’t falter.

  7. I second that Paschal, enjoyed listening to the podcast in the car today, but had to throw it on my laptop and bring that in the car lol

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