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Let the games begin!


The Union lose again, this time to Kansas City. It says in Latin on the collar of their shirts, “Join or Die.” Anyone know what the Latin for “Win or Lose” is?

The BBC looks at Philadelphia’a World Cup hopes and the Union.

Here’s a nice rumor to chew on as MLS heads into the World Cup break: Ronaldhino is “heavily” linked to LA Galaxy. Haha, “heavily.” Get it?

Here’s a look at the top five NBA players who could have played soccer. Someday soon, the title will be the other way around.

The US at the World Cup

The Daily News looks at how the US has the chance to erase the memory of 2006 while the Inquirer goes out on a limb and and says Saturday’s match may be US Soccer’s biggest.

Missed the Daily Show’s opening coverage of the World Cup? Watch it here.

Former US goalkeeper and New Jerseyite Tony Meola “knows the US can beat England.”

The surviving family of Joe Gaetjens, the Haitian who played for the US and scored the winning goal against England in 1950, has high hopes for Haitian American Jozy Altidore. Don’t we all.

Here’s an exclusive look at Jonathon Bornstein’s World Cup diary entry for Saturday, June 12: “Don’t suck.”

The English can be so snippy. Here’s a look at Landon Donovan, “the USA’s lone star,” from the Guardian. But we can hold our own.

More on the “unprecedented hype” surrounding the USA v England match.

Here’s a look at how far US Soccer has come since returning to the World Cup for the first time in 40 years in 1990 only to be shellacked by Czechoslovakia 5-1 in the first game. This piece looks at how US soccer wouldn’t be where it is without England.

NEWS FLASH: Interest in World Cup is limited in Muncie.

Here’s a piece on the youth soccer coach who refused to play a 15-year-old Edson Buddle.

The BBC wonders if US soccer is about to score big. And they’re not talking about the match against England. Meanwhile, CNN looks at the soccer fan mosaic that is the US.

The Daily Show began its coverage of the World Cup last night. Correspondent John Oliver talks here about how covering the World Cup is a dream come true.


Not all of our boyfriends or girlfriends love soccer as much as we do. Here’s a handy little relationship survival guide for the World Cup. I’m pretty sure saying, “C’mon honey, it’s only a month long” didn’t make it into the guide.

The grass in all the World Cup stadiums comes from seeds grown in Oregon. USA! USA! USA!

Weezer have released an unofficial US soccer song called “Represent.”

Mindful of the tragic HIV/AIDS epidemic in South Africa, 8-packs of condoms are available for free in World Cup stadiums.

On TV this weekend

Second place Philadelphia host first place FC Gold Pride and four-time FIFA World Player of the Year Marta on Sunday at 6pm on FSC.

Some international soccer tournament.

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