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Personality is more important anyway


Union CEO Nick Sackiewicz has responded to Robert “It is not me who is ugly” Pires’ comments that he has turned down Union because Philadelphia is not “a beautiful city.” Sakiewicz told the Inquirer, “It’s a bit of a shock as to where all this is coming from. A, He’s never been here and B, we never made him an [official] offer. Look, I think Robert is a good player with a lot of experience and a lot of good football left in him, but he may just not have been for us; and obviously, given his comments, he clearly is not for us.” Coach Nowak was typically blunt: “Mr. Pires is supposed to come here and promote soccer, not worrying about being in a vacation resort in some ‘beautiful’ city.” Everyone knows personality is more important than beauty anyway.

A piece on the Union website describes how the newest team in the league might also be the youngest. “The point is this: this young club is only going to get better and better.” There’s also a new gallery of photos showing the progress of construction at PPL Park. It looks totally awesome!

The Union have loaned Nick Zimmerman to the Harrisburg City Islanders.

FC Dallas midfielder Bruno Guarda has been fined $750 for kicking a ball into the crowd and making an offensive gesture toward fans at halftime during last Saturday’s match against the Union. The joker didn’t even play in the match! He was suspended by his club for Thursday’s match against LA Galaxy, which Dallas lost. Eh heh! That’ll learn you!

Soccer in St. Louis—home already to a WPS team and often touted as a potential home for an MLS club—appears to be in peril with both AC St. Louis and St. Louis Athletica close to folding. More on this here.

Coumbus Crew beat New York Red Bulls 3-1 to go top of the Eastern Conference. Those guys in hardhats make for a formidable back three.

Champions League Final

The bizarre war of words between Jose Mourinho and Steve Nash appears to be coming to an end.

Jonathan Wilson thinks that the outcome of the Champions League final will hinge on flank play.

US Soccer Players has an interview with Eric Wynalda, who will be providing color commentary for Fox’ broadcast of the Champions League final.

US/World Cup

Here’s the quote sheet for the US WNT ahead of their friendly on Saturday against Germany, live from 6pm on ESPN2. Three Independence players are on the US squad, Lori Lindsey, Heather Mitts and Amy Rodriguez.

Vice President Joe Biden will represent the US at the opening ceremony of the World Cup. Message to attendees: Get to the stadium EARLY. Trust me.

Did you know that more World Cup tickets have been bought in the United States than in another country except for the host, South Africa? Neither did I. USA Today has a long piece describing the evolution of soccer’s popularity in the US. Get used to seeing more and more stories just like this one in the lead up the World Cup.

The Washington Post talks to Oguchi Onyewu about his rehabilitation from injury: “I won’t come back like I was. I am going to come back stronger.” Hell yeah!

The New York Times talks to Jozy “I’m faster than Villa” Altidore.

MLS Talk has a podcast of their interview with Martin Tyler, the best commentator in the English language and ESPN’s main guy for the World Cup.

Here’s a piece on Dan Gaspar, the American who is Portugal’s goalkeeping coach.

FIFA general secretary Jerome Valcke addressed the alleged Spain/Russia match-fixing plot on Thursday: “I can’t imagine it is true.” I don’t know if the alleged plot is true, but I can certainly imagine it to be. Right now I’m imagining that Clint Dempsey scores the winning goal against Brazil in the World Cup final and it’s awesome.

Soccer-loving sex tourists are using the internet to find out the best places to pickup prostitutes in South Africa. I have a feeling that isn’t the only thing they’re using the internet for.

Nike has unveiled the full length version of the “Write the Future” World Cup ad. Somebody better tell Dunga that the future involves Ronaldinho.

Nike’s “Write the Future Ad”


  1. Josh Trott says:

    Does all this talk about personality mean that we’re conceding to Pires’ implicit description of Philadelphia- we’re not a pretty city? Can someone stand up and say, Philadelphia is pretty? I mean, it’s not pretty where I work- 26th and Cumberland, or where I run, the old Fishtown Piers- but even these places have their Mad Max style charm.

    We have Kelly drive, with it’s cool breeze, stone arches, and bushy curves. I could add the trees, especially those of Fairmount and Pennypack. But my personal favorite part of the city is the residential architecture, on which generations have expressed the aeshetics of their time. Neighborhoods and their houses describe, in the repairs, lack thereof, and renovations, the personality of multiple owners. I find that fascinating. And this is the US, so the aesthetic is relentlessly varying, you can find Latin style stucco and metal work next to finely restored Edwardian style woodwork.

    Philadelphia is pretty.

  2. Josh Trott says:

    Oh, nice photos.

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