Daily news roundups

Daily news roundup

Chester Mayor Wendell Butler gave his State of the City address, which you can read here. Obviously, there’s plenty referring to Philadelphia Union.

Soccer America dives a little deeper into the PR spin jobs slipping out of Major League Soccer’s labor dispute. Soccer 365 looks at the Kevin Hartman situation in Kansas City, currently the poster child for the issues at stake in the labor dispute. Meanwhile, Goal.com’s Andrea Canales looks at “the real losers” of the MLS labor dispute. Guess what: We’re among them, Union fans.

Kansas City won the rights to U-17 midfielder Luis Gil in a lottery Monday. Expect him to be traded to a western team, as his contract apparently has special consideration allowing for that, according to the Wizards’ team blog.

The Ashley Cole train wreck continues in the wake of his latest sex scandal. Is this the first MLS-related sex scandal? (Or does John Harkes get that honor?) His sleepover party took place in Seattle while Chelsea was visiting for a friendly against the Sounders. Let’s not underrate this. Maybe this means MLS has finally hit the big time! (Or maybe not.)

More European soccer news after the jump.

A German ref speaks out about sexual harassment from a male German soccer official.

Everton stalwart Steven Pienaar got charged with drunk driving Sunday, probably after celebrating his club’s big win over Manchester United.

Ronaldo will retire in 2011. No, not Cristiano Ronaldo; the Brazilian one, who actually won a World Cup and did the transvestite thing.

And by the way, they actually play some soccer in Europe in between scandals. Champions League play resumes today, with Barcelona against Stuttgart and Bordeaux playing Olympiacos.

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