Down, but not out

There is good news this week on the injury front for the US National Team. There are reports that Oguchi Onyewu is progressing well and should be back in Italy for the end of the Italian season. He is recuperating alongside Charlie Davies in Delaware under the supervision of head US National Team trainer, Jim Hashimoto.

Onyewu has made steady progress recovering from his torn patellar tendon. He is moving along faster than expected and hopes to be available for AC Milan sometime in April of this season. Onyewu might be available to join the training camp with the US National Team for the game against the Netherlands on March 3, but he has no intention of playing that early. Here’s hoping Gooch keeps progressing well and has time to play before the World Cup in June.

Unfortunately Gooch wasn’t getting playing time with AC Milan before the injury, and I don’t see that changing before the World Cup. Hopefully, Gooch will be able to play some reserve team games for AC Milan and possibly a friendly or two for the US leading up to the World Cup say in April and May. If Gooch could get some sort of short term loan to MLS or any other team where he could step in and start, that would really get him match fit for the World Cup. I am worried that even if Gooch does recover well enough, that he won’t perform well at the World Cup due to lack of playing time. I am sure he understands this and is asking his agent to try and work something out.

As for Charlie Davies, he appears to be recovering at light speed. This is very encouraging and leads me to believe that scientists should be analyzing his DNA. Apparently he is back to jogging after having overcome a myriad of horrible injuries that required multiple surgeries, titanium rods, and metal plates. He says that he is even more appreciative of life and being able to play soccer professionally. He has also gotten more religious.

Besides the help coming from Jim Hashimoto and his doctors, Charlie Davies has been spurred on by Gooch and his loving girlfriend. He got another boost from his coach at FC Sochaux, who says the team is expecting him back to help them out in April and May. He also appreciated all the get well notes and emails that fans sent. Davies sounds like a man possessed and is determined to make it back playing regularly in France before the end of the current season. He says that he wants to be playing better than he was before the accident. Hashimoto stated that Davies is recovering way beyond expectations. Doctors have also made positive remarks that nothing vital like tendons and ligaments were torn, so Davies has a decent shot at being as good as he was. Davies says that he will be at the World Cup.

I will be very happy to see Davies at the World Cup, but I don’t want him to injure himself again while trying to meet an unrealistic time line. I am sure that he is being well taken care of, and I have to believe that Jim Hashimoto is a miracle worker. Good luck Charlie Davies. I hope you are playing in France in April.

In other injury news, Kenny Cooper is back at 1860 Munich. I have always liked Cooper and think that he would be a great asset to the US National Team. Of course his performances have not been stellar at the International level, and I haven’t seen him perform the way I think he can. I am hoping that Cooper can get back into the groove at 1860 Munich and earn himself a spot to South Africa.

The other major injury worry is Clint Dempsey. Thankfully the doctors are stating that he won’t need surgery and will be back playing before the World Cup. I hope that Dempsey will be able to reclaim his recent form after the long injury break.  Lastly, I am rooting for DaMarcus Beasley to get back quickly from his thigh injury. Before the thigh injury, he was tearing it up in the Scottish Premier League. Hopefully, he will get back into his groove and get back into the US National Team set up.

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  1. Good news for Onyewu and Davies. I think, however, that a loan move to get Onyewu playing time is unlikely, as it would need to be sorted out before the end of January, and no one is going to take his wages for him to be injured until the spring. We’ll have to hope he can play reserve games and get on the bench for Milan.

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