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The old onion bag: Animal sacrifice proposed at World Cup stadiums, Premier League manager caught leaving a brothel

Animal Sacrifice Proposed At World Cup Stadiums

The Makhonya Royal Trust, which promotes traditional South African cultures, has called upon FIFA to allow the ritual slaughter of a “beast” at each of the

african cows
Daisy and Buttercup await FIFA’s decision.

World Cup stadiums before the start of the tournament. The South African traditional affairs minister, Sicelo Shiceka, reportedly supports allowing the rituals, which involves cutting the throat of a cow with a knife or an assegai, a traditional short spear.

South Africa’s National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA), which has said that it “does not condone or support the proposal,” has requested that FIFA allow it to participate in discussions with the South Africa 2010 Organizing Committee about the proposed animal sacrifice. The NSPCA enforces South Africa’s animal welfare laws.

FIFA has made no comment on whether it will allow the animal sacrifices to go ahead.

Premier League Manager Caught Leaving Brothel

The Sun, that pinnacle of British journalism and noted defender of morality, has reported that a Premier League manager was caught leaving a brothel located in an industrial park.

The manager, who was not identified because of British privacy laws, was observed entering the brothel and then leaving an hour later. The Sun reported, “We confronted him and asked him to confirm his identity. He did – and smiled as he agreed he knew he had been in the company of hookers. Asked if he knew the building was a brothel, the soccer boss smiled and replied: “Yes.”

A delivery man who saw “the extraordinary events unfold” told reporters, “He just drove up, got out and went in. He obviously thought no one would recognize him but he’s a Premier League football manager.”

A “football insider” quoted in the article said, “Behaving like this leaves him and the club wide open to the threat of blackmail by criminals. Football is a massive business and he has a huge responsibility to the directors, the players and, of course, the fans. It’s scarcely believable that he could be so reckless.”

The Sun reported that the manager, who is married, had also been seen outside of the brothel in October.

In related news, civilization as we know it is now scheduled to end on Tuesday.


  1. Why report it if you’re not going to name him? Typically shoddy British tabloid journalism.

  2. They cannot name him because they would be contravening UK privacy laws. Perhaps you should investigate more before posting shoddy responses.

  3. I repeat: Why report it if you’re not going to name him?

    Don’t report it if you’re not going to name him.

    (UK privacy laws, by the way, have more notably come into play with illegally obtaining medical or personal records, hacking into voice mails, taking nude pictures without consent, etc. In this case, the journalist in question reportedly spoke directly to the individual in public outside a brothel while the manager was wearing his soccer gear.)

  4. Ed Farnsworth says:

    For some background on privacy laws in Britain and how they relate to this story, read this piece in the Times:

    “Football boss in brothel story tests privacy laws”


  5. Many thanks for that, lasted just over a cup of coffee for me to read!

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