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All the hype around DaMarcus Beasley

Although I think DaMarcus Beasley is a player with the tools to be a top contributor for the US National Team, I would not say that his recent form means that he should have an automatic place back in the US National Team. Beasley needs to show consistent form for a longer period of time and needs to show that he can perform on the international stage. Beasley has only been playing against fairly weak opposition in Scotland. I think he needs to be called into the US National Team for the Honduras friendly, even though he isn’t on the training squad. If he lights it up in that game, then I would consider him to have earned a spot back onto the team.

He still shouldn’t be a starter until he has proven himself against tougher opposition. The March friendly against Holland ought to be a tough enough test. If Beasley is still performing well in Scotland or for any other club he moves to in the January transfer window, then he should get a chance against Holland. If he performs ok against Holland and doesn’t make any major mistakes like in the Confederations Cup, then I would pen him in as a starter. I thought it was a little ridiculous that on they were claiming that Beasley was back and should be back in the US National Team as a starter. I want Beasley to succeed, and I think he has the tools to be a star caliber player, however, he needs to consistently live up to expectations before he should have a shot on the US National Team.

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