Philly Soccer Page Info

Philly Soccer Page Info

An update on supporting the Philly Soccer Page

As PSP prepares to turn ten years old, we’re thankful for your continued support. Read on for an update on our plans for this year and how you can help support the site.

Philly Soccer Page Info

The state of PSP heading into 2019

A quick rundown on the state of PSP as we close down 2018 and enter our 10th year of publishing.

Philly Soccer Page Info

PSP seeks a webmaster

PSP needs a tech guru to help keep this site running smoothly. Are you interested?

Updated, October 21.

Philly Soccer Page Info / Union

Adam Cann to leave PSP, join Philadelphia Union

The PSP original and tactical genius will depart our publication to begin work as an analyst and writer for the Philadelphia Union. We couldn’t be happier for him.

Philly Soccer Page Info / Podcasts

Fans wanted for new podcast and Fans’ View

We’re looking for Fans’ View writers and Union fans interested in being part of an intriguing new podcast intended to give voice to Union fans.

Philly Soccer Page Info

An update on supporting the Philly Soccer Page

Last year, we began collecting donations to keep the Philly Soccer Page running. You came through, and we couldn’t be more thankful.

Featured / Philly Soccer Page Info

Help wanted at PSP

PSP is looking for volunteers to write for Fans’ View, take on 1-2 daily news roundups for week, write about all sorts of other topics, and help out as a tech guru. Here’s the rundown.

Philly Soccer Page Info

PSP transition update

The times are still changing. You’ve seen a host of new writers join PSP over the last few weeks. I like to call them the PSP Newbie Army. (That’s my first time saying it aloud. Be gentle.) Nick Fishman, Rob Elder, Zac DeMedio, Jim O’Leary, Chris Gibbons, Matt Custer, and […]

Photo by Earl Gardner
Philly Soccer Page Info

Support the Philly Soccer Page — Donate

Help support independent, local, high-quality journalism. Become a financial supporter of PSP. Find out how.

Philly Soccer Page Info

PSP transition update No. 2

An update on the ongoing transition at The Philly Soccer Page.

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