Player of the Week

Our weekly Player of the Week vote will be conducted below.

Click here for a list of MLS/USL players from the Philly area but who don’t play for the Philly-area teams.



Chris Gibbons:







Ryan Rose:


How this works

  • How to vote: Edit the page and write your pick in boldface. No cheating! We can view the page revisions. 😉
  • Who you can vote for: Any player at any level of any gender who plays for a local team or is a native of the region.
  • Deadline to vote: Mondays, 6 pm (unless otherwise noted). The earlier you vote, the easier it is for the writer.
  • Post runs: Tuesdays (unless otherwise noted)
  • When to clear the votes: The writer of the post should delete the votes from this page after tallying votes to complete that week’s post.
  • Who writes: We’ll rotate on a monthly basis. See schedule below.
  • Rules: Whoever writes the post breaks the tiebreaker. (Example: Bob and Joe got three votes. The writer likes Bob. Bob wins.)

Helpful suggestions

If you vote for someone who is not typically on our radar, please include extra details and consider shooting an email to the group. This is particularly helpful with minor league and amateur players (college, high school, youth, etc.) or players overseas, because most of us will probably miss that.

  • Example: Jimmy McLaughlin of Malvern, Pa., scores a hat trick for FC Cincinnati. We may miss that because he’s not with a local team. So when you vote, please write, “Jimmy McLaughlin, from Malvern, Pa., scored a hat trick for FC Cincinnati in USL play.”

You can also email the group with suggestions, but don’t overdo it.


  • March: Dan
  • April: Dan
  • May: Chris Gibbons
  • June: Ryan Rose
  • July: Steve
  • August: Nick
  • September: Pete
  • October: Jim
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