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Still learning soccer after nearly five decades. A southwestern Ohio buckeye transplanted to Chester County. Used to teach history, enjoys new ideas, sometimes bakes bread, is a sports fan, and loves apparently unconnected connections.

Breaking News / Union

The Union’s later round draft picks

The Union picked two midfielders and a forward at the back end of the 2018 SuperDraft

Analysis / Philadelphia Union II

Pressure creates diamonds – the Steel’s 2018 schedule

The newly-released USL game schedule for 2018 demands that the Steel improve markedly as spring progresses through summer into fall.

Analysis / Philadelphia Union II

The Real, McKenzie signings’ implications for the Steel

While Bethlehem will need to sign another player to replace Matt Real for practice and to fill its minimum USL roster, recovering McKenzie back into the defense on game days plugs a significant hole with a proven USL player since both men are likely to play their games with the Steel next season.

Analysis / Philadelphia Union II

Roster-building: Bethlehem Steel 2018

Lessons from Bethlehem’s 2016 and 2017 rosters and 2018’s partial list allows an incomplete guess at 2018 in the Lehigh Valley.

Breaking News / Philadelphia Union II

Bethlehem’s 2018 USL home opener and conference alignment

The USL will continue with a two conference alignment in 2018, and Bethlehem will remain in the east, but the surprises are the absences of Rochester and Orlando City B, and the last-minute addition of Indianapolis in addition to known expansion sides Nashville and Atlanta 2.

Breaking News / Philadelphia Union II

Breaking news: Steel sign defender

Bethlehem Steel FC have begun construction of its new central defense with the signing of former Notre Dame national champion defender Brandon Aubrey who spent 2017 on loan to Toronto FC II from the parent club.


Concussion – What is to be done?

Concussion is a tragedy waiting to happen in professional soccer. This year U. S. Soccer should have extra time to focus on the problem.

Breaking News / Philadelphia Union II

Breaking News: Steel sign midfielder

Bethlehem Steel FC have signed the 2016 5th pick in the Super Draft, central midfielder Omar Holness who is 5 months into recovering from ACL surgery.

Breaking News / Roster News

Breaking News: Steel sign striker

The Bethlehem Steel have signed former New York Red Bulls Homegrown striker Brandon Allen to be a veteran presence at the top of the central channel for the 2018 season.

Roster News

Learn more about Union’s new signing Cory Burke

The Philadelphia Union have promoted former Bethlehem striker Corey Burke to the first team. Burke is the first Steel player to be promoted from the developmental side without passing through the Union’s academy.