Articles written by: Peter Andrews

Peter Andrews is PSP's managing editor. He has reported on the Union and U.S. national teams from fifteen different venues in the U.S. and Canada. In his spare time, he practices law at a firm in Philadelphia. Follow him on Twitter @pfandrews.


Not the bad or the ugly

A grim Union season is over, but Peter Andrews wants to remember the scattered moments of brilliance


It’s all just talk from the Union

For a team that says all the right things about its fans, the Union don’t seem to understand what the fans want. Peter Andrews explores.


The forgotten men

Can any of the players who have been sent to the bench or on loan under Jim Curtin help the Union’s playoff chances? Peter Andrews considers.


Why do we fall?

The Union’s cup run is over, but they still have all to play for. Peter Andrews on what we learned last night and where the team can go from here.

Photo by Earl Gardner

The lessons of Toronto FC

The Union take on Toronto in the midst of a franchise shake-up. What can the Union learn from the struggles of their Canadian doppelgängers?


The power of the Cup

Peter Andrews on why the U.S. Open Cup — despite its many flaws, and the Union’s ugly performances in it — still captures our imaginations.


Aiming higher in the transfer window

Peter Andrews on how comparing last summer’s transfer activity (remember Gilberto?) to the current window reveals the overhauled scope of the Union’s ambition.

Guest Column

The Hackworth firing and the 2014 Union

The axe has fallen. Now what? Some thoughts on where the Union can go from here, both in the managerial search and on the field.

MLS / Opinion

Clint Dempsey and the future of American soccer

Still trying to wrap your head around the Dempsey news? We are too. Maybe this can help.