Articles written by: Chris Rudderow

Chris is a full time project manager, full time father, full time soccer fan, and part time writer. He's currently working on his first novel; which should be done sometime in 2022.

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Fans’ View: Freedom’s just another word

Yes, the Union season drifts to an ignominious end. Yet the young lads are playing it out loud and proud.

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A reprise; as there has been no reprieve

The year started, and appears to be ending, in abject failure for the Union but that does not equal (or allow) failure by us fans.

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Fans’ View: Relegation realities — It looks so easy on TV

Relegation looks a whole lot different when you realize it could happen to you.

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Fans’ View: Anger, enlightenment and a blood feud

Forget the Red Bulls. Montreal and DC are the rivalries upon which traditions are built.

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Fans’ view: The crest on the front or name on the back?

Sebastian Le Toux is a Red Bull. We’ve had some time for that nightmare of a thought sink in and had the opportunity to witness the horror for ourselves. With hundreds of Union Le Toux shirts still floating around our park, where does this turn of events put you in the name on the front/name on the back of the shirt debate?

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Fans’ View: What to rant about now?

Given the team is showing some signs of life, a father takes a half step back to view game day through the eyes of a child.