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Photo essay: Philadelphia Union 0-0 New York Red Bulls

On a hot night at Subaru Park, rivals Philadelphia Union and New York Red Bulls faced off on the pitch in Chester. This game is usually filled with intensity both on and off the pitch from home and away fans and players. The normal atmosphere of this rival game was replaced at Subaru Park with frustration from Philly fans with the current state of the team. The fans brought in signs and asked for a 5 minute silence at the start of the game to boycott the ownership group. Once the 5 minutes was over the fans showed their support for the players. The feeling is that the front office is not investing in players that can make an impact on the season. This fan base wants a star on their kits and to see their team lift the MLS Cup. With so many players being sold to other clubs or loaned out, the fans feel the money coming in is not being reinvested into the team. Everyone loves the success the “Homegrowns” have brought to the club but realize that we need more than our young players for long term success. Another point being talked about is how the Union front office did not plan well for the international break where the team had 3 starters representing their countries. This does not include Jack McGlynn or Nathan Harriel who were just named to the US Olympic Team, with play starting on July 24th against France.

The Union and Red Bulls fought back and forth all night without a goal scored. The Union had 15 chances on goal while Union Homegrown, Andrew Rick, earned his first clean sheet. The frustration on the faces of Wagner and Gazdag, when another scoring opportunity would pass the team by, became more intense. The players want to win as much as the fans want them too. Some of the players and coaches are vocalizing their anger both on the field with teammates and off the field with the press. As the team left the field, the River End chanted “At least we didn’t lose”!


The New York Red Bulls take the field at the start of the game.


Daniel Edelman tries to block the pass by Leon Flash soon after the opening whistle.


Daniel Edelman reacts to a missed scoring opportunity when Union goalkeeper, Andrew Rick left the net open.


Daniel Gazdag keeps the play alive while fending off increased pressure from Andres Reyes.


Chris Donovan towers over John Tolkin as he wins a header near the 50 yard line.


Damion Lowe pressures Ronald Donkor for the ball while Donkor tries to use his body to stop him.


Andrew Rick makes a save keeping the score at 0-0.


Daniel Gazdag reacts to the Union not being able to convert a chance into a goal.


Dante Vanzeir pulls on Kia Wagner’s jersey while battling to be the first to head the incoming ball.


Kia Wagner wins the battle to the ball against Dante Vanzeir.


Daniel Gazdag, reflects on a missed goal opportunity.


Filip Dujicis having a few rods with Daniel Gazdag while Carlos Coroner waits to restart the game.


Damion Lowe cleanly tackles Cameron Harper as he heads down the sideline towards goal.


Tai Baribo reflects on the first half as he walks to the locker room.


John Tolkin wins the header against Daniel Gazdag.


Union players, Flash, Gazdag and Harriel surround the ball bring played by Wiki Carmona on the ground.


Tia Baribo and Daniel Gazdag react in the same way to missing another scoring opportunity.


Carlos Coronel gives instructions to Noah Eile, Ronald Donkor and Andres Reyes after making a save and restarting play.


With is arm blocking Dante Vanzeir, Damion Lowe get his head on the ball from a Red Bulls’ corner kick.’


Tai Baribo does down in pain inside the box after a hard tackle from Andres Reyes


Kai Wagner’s frustration comes through as he yells at the defense and goalie who almost gave up a goal.


Jacob Glesnes tries to stop the pass from Lewis Morgan with a jumping block.


Jack Elliot gets away with pulling Elias Manoel’s jersey, keeping him from getting to the ball.


Union Head Coach, Jim Curtin gives his players directions after the Red Bulls pressured the defense.


Nathan Harriel slides into the ball, denying the cross from Lewis Morgan fro becoming a scoring opportunity.


Daniel Gazdag seems to search for answers to the many questions asked by players and fans on why the team can’t get a win.


Red Bull fans after watching the scoreless match at Subaru Park.

The next match for the Philadelphia Union will be on July 13th at BMO field where they will face Toronto FC.


  1. Henry Scobie says:

    Excellent photos – a lot of frustrated faces on the Union side. Thank you for capturing the match and sharing!

  2. Always love the photo essay!! Thanks for your hard work in getting the shots! Although a picture is worth a thousand words. The only one that comes to mind is frustration.

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