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Match preview: CF Montréal vs Philadelphia Union

Photo: Marjorie Elzey

Who: CF Montréal vs Philadelphia Union

What: MLS Regular Season, Matchday 23

Where: Stade Saputo, Montreal, QC

When: Saturday, June 29, 7:30 PM EST

Watch: MLS Season Pass on Apple TV

Whistle: TBD

As June comes to an end, Philadelphia Union travel north for a rematch in Montréal. The two sides met earlier this month at Subaru Park in a hard-fought match that ended in a 2-2 draw.

The Union currently sit at 11th in the East with 20 points, sandwiched between New England and Orlando by a difference of just one point. Three points could push them pack into playoff contention, and at the very least, appease some fans.

At 19 points, Montréal sit just one place from the bottom, above Chicago Fire. Much like the Union, three points could make all the difference, making Saturday’s match a must-win for both teams.

Scouting Report: CF Montréal

Montréal sit winless in the month of June coming into the matchup with Philadelphia.

Scouting Report: Philadelphia Union

Much like the rest of June, the Union will be dealing with the absense of key players away for international duty.

José Martinez and Damion Lowe are still away at Copa America, but as of Thursday, it seems Daniel Gazdag started making his way back to Philadelphia after his native Hungary was eliminated from the 2024 UEFA European Championship. While unconfirmed if he will return in time, Jim Curtin confirmed that if Gazdag makes the trip, he will be utilized in some way.

While not yet ready to start, Curtin did mention that Andre Blake was getting back to training.

Injury Report: Andre Blake (Out), José Martinez (Out), Damion Lowe (Out), Markus Anderson (Out), Alejandro Bedoya (Out), Daniel Gazdag (Questionable)

Matchup to Watch: Team Depth

It’s not a surprise that the Union are continue to miss key players with international competition ongoing. With scarce options coming off the bench, it’ll be interesting to see if Curtin shakes things up for the lineup this weekend.

Player to Watch: Sunusi Ibrahim

Not only did the 21-year-old forward open scoring at Subaru Park in the June 1st matchup — he leads his team with six goals in 707 minutes played.

Prediction: Philadelphia Union 0-2 CF Montréal

The first losing prediction from this writer–and it pains me. Perhaps it’s just what the team needs to prove us all wrong.


  1. The forward situation has just hit rock bottom. Baribo is last man standing at forward. MU is out for 3 weeks. I guess that makes Sullivan or the Drexel Dragba second forward by default. Time to call Jack Mchinerney. He was a good finisher and new where the goal was. Bury the hatchet Curtin and bring him back. Never got a fair shake with last coach.

    • Section 114 says:

      1. He’s been retired for 42 months.

      2. He absolutely is a better option than Donovan.

      3. Why not make sure Gazdag arrives and play a 4-5-1.

      • Throw us a friggin bone Sugarman…. Things never change in Philly…. regarding Jack Mac.. Just a thought Id throw it out there. Jack Mac is only 31. He is till one of my all time favorite Union players and top scorers. He had some bad luck with Portland , Montreal and LA. They were always searching for the ” big name ” striker. Not sure what kind of shape he is in. Last played in Oakland and was their top scorer. That team let him go along with another x MLS player because of financial reasons not his playing ability. Sometimes life is about being about being in the right place at the right time. There are a few pundits on this web site who will say he had conflicts with plyers. Thats mostly BS. Go ask Danny Califf or Justin Mapp, or Le Toux (maybe not Letoux because he still an employee) who played with him at Philly what they thought of him as a player and person. I strongly believe Philly let him go for mainly for financial reasons and the coach used him incorrectly. He was never going to be a holding type forward. The reality was and is Philly is such a financially poor team they could not afford two good forwards or the other missing parts that stuck out like a sore thumb. Sound Familiar ??? Things never change here and wont until Sugarman sells the team or finds a co- owner. It took Philly 8 year to realize they needed a good left back. We now need at least 1 extra very strong forward and other missing parts secondarily. Throw us a friggin bone Sugarmen you cheep greedy B*******D

      • Bad luck with Portland, Montreal, and LA….. and Philly = not good enough.

    • Are you crazy? First, it is Drogba. Second, McInerney. Third, “knew” not new.
      But back to the point. McInerney wasn’t good enough back then. Why would he be now? If he was, he’d be playing elsewhere.

      • Sorry spelling police. Fat thumbs small keyboard. Tough to edit on phone screen. It was kind of said tongue in cheek.obviously you missed the main point. Sugarman never does enough even when most see the teams weaknesses. But I guess you are OK with the product they have on the field now. Have a great day.!

      • Not, not OK with the team as is. But I also know Drogba is spelled with a “O”. Not remotely close to “A” on a keyboard, but you keep blaming your fat fingers for a lack of knowledge.
        Also knowledgeable enough to know that Jack McInerney is not the answer. You have no credibility when claiming he is.
        It was “kind of said”? Either it is or it isn’t.
        I love how you pretend to know what his former teammates think.
        You “strongly believe…” So in other words, you are just making stuff up?

  2. Saw Uhre got injured. If there was any time to try a 1 striker formation it would be now.

  3. Wow ! Here is a definite . You are an asshole know it all.

    • No, I just don’t spout off a bunch of unknowledgeable crap like you. That’s all.
      Maybe you could be more anti-Semitic as well, bashing Sugarman as a greedy “B******D”. Yes, I know, you’ll claim you aren’t…
      I just know how to make logical arguments, rather than resort to calling someone names. You should try it sometime.
      Listen, you have absolutely no credibility. You claim it was said tongue in cheek, or “kinda” said, but you compared Donovan to Drogba, which is a joke, you can’t even get McInerney’s name correct, you spell Le Toux two different ways in the same sentence.
      You are clueless.

      • Wow you are really off base with the antisemitic remark. You can question my knowledge but you went way overboard there Peace be with you. !

      • I’m way off base? I went way overboard? Go back and read *your* comments. They are overboard and way off base.
        Anyone who thinks Jack McInerney is the answer – even jokingly – is way off base.

      • Joe, OCT — both of you, let’s take the temperature way down. This is not the sort of productive conversation that’s appropriate for the PSP comments.

  4. When I say you went overboard I was talking about you accusing me of being anti semetic. I was not questioning your opinion of my knowledge of the Union or my spelling.

  5. Andy Muenz says:

    Looks like a 4-4-2 with a REALLY thin bench. Rick, Wagner, Elliott, Glesnes, Harriel, Flach, Bueno, McGlynn, Sullivan, Donovan, and Baribo starting.

    Bench is Semmle, Mbaizo, Makhanya, Olney, Rafanello, and Gazdag. Obviously that means that due to jet lag and/or conditioning Gazdag can’t go very long and only 5 field players total on the bench.

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