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Player ratings: Charlotte FC 0 – 0 Philadelphia Union

Photo: Ron Soliman

A hard fought battle in the Queen City earned the Boys in Blue their second consecutive clean sheet. Both teams’ defensive units stole the show, as each battled relentlessly to negate the oppositions’ attack, ultimately resulting in a scoreless stalemate at the final whistle.

Let’s dig into how each player looked!

Oliver Semmle – 8

Semmle wasn’t asked to do a ton in this one, but he showed improved command of his box and better communication with his CBs ahead of him. He made a huge save on a shot that was ear-marked for the bottom corner late in the match, but his paws were strong enough to parry it around the post. Another clean sheet to add to his growing list of accomplishments as he fills in for the ailing brick wall, Andre Blake.

Kai Wagner – 7

Wagner had one of his strongest defensive outings this season in Charlotte. His ability to read the game and quickness to pinch and cover the empty space on Charlotte crosses cut back to the penalty spot were a big contributor to keeping Charlotte off the scoresheet.

Jack Elliott – 8

Elliott played a solid game in the back. He looks to have regained the consistency he is known for – throwing his body in front of shots and passes. He looks to be coming on now, and some of that may be due to the defensive contributions of Leon Flach just ahead of him.

Jakob Glesnes – 8

Like Elliott, Glesnes played a very solid game. His performance was akin to the Glesnes of old, and not the Glesnes that has turned in inconsistent play at times this year. A cleansheet will go a long way for the CB duo as they look to recapture any semblance of 2022’s form.

Nathan Harriel – 6

Harriel had his hands full with the Cape Verde playmaker Iuri Tavares on the right. It was truly a fun matchup to watch as Tavares got the better of Harriel on more than one occassion, but Harriel held strong defensively and did a nice job limiting the amount of high quality chances down his side. He was issued a yellow card in the 64th minute, and he did well not to get in trouble a second time with the amount of pressure he was under throughout the second half. Surely he is thankful his poor clearance in stoppage time wasn’t as catastrophic as it could have been.

Leon Flach – 8

Flach is on his best form to date. The last two matches have been very strong outings for him – stifling attacks and showing some improved play on the ball. He does still show lapses in judgement in movement during build-up play that can force his team into some uncomfortable situations and he does undeniably hit some bad passes here and there. But what he lacks in spacial awareness and passing prowess, he has made up for with his contributions to the Union’s overall defensive shape.

Jack McGlynn – 7

Seemingly all of the Union’s best chances in this game started with McGlynn. It is becoming routine at this point. This was his first match in five straight where he did not have a goal contribution. He does still show lapses in defensive positioning and he was quieter vs. Charlotte than other nights, but he continues to prove why he needs to be in the lineup every single night, no questions asked.

Quinn Sullivan – 7

Sullivan is much better suited playing the shuttler role on the right. He may flub a cross or shot here and there, but he is unquestionably the only shuttler on the roster who can turn nothing into something by himself purely by individual determination.

Daniel Gazdag – 5

A quiet-ish night from Gazdag. He blew the best chance of the match off a wonderfully headed down ball from Carranza into his path, but he put it right into the keeper’s stomach. He wasn’t the only member of the front three to struggle though.

Mikael Uhre – 2

13 touches in 70 minutes should tell the story. To further display how poor this is, Chris Donovan had 6 touches in his 8 minutes of run. Carranza? 41 touches in 90 minutes. Virtually a 70 minute-long Houdini act from Uhre who just couldn’t find the game one bit. After a promising run of play from him, it is back to the disappointing play we’ve grown accustomed to from the Dane. Maybe it is a sign for Jim to loosen up the reins on Tai Baribo?

Julian Carranza – 6

A good effort from Carranza both defensively and going forward, but couldn’t find the back of the net. He was close to getting an assist on his header off of McGlynn’s cross to Gazdag’s feet, but Gazdag couldn’t finish. He had a handful of half-chances that he would have been impressive goals, but unfortunately couldn’t find twine.


Alejandro Bedoya – 5

Bedoya came on for Uhre in the 71st minute, and Quinn Sullivan moved up top. Bedoya did contribute both going forward and defensively in his own box. He continues to be a good substitute in almost any situation.

Chris Donovan – N/A

Geiger Counter

Guido Gonzalez, Jr. – 5

Outside of a questionable yellow card to McGlynn in the early going and weirdly forcing Wagner into an offensive throw in from the corner flag, the match was unaffected by the referee. He was fine.

Player of the Match

Leon Flach

Flach’s hustle and defensive positioning stood out in this one. He has now had two consecutive matches of strong defensive play at the 6 with a couple subtle flashes of ability on the ball. At times, he still lacks awareness and understanding of movement when the team are building up from the back, but his commitment to the defensive shape and willingness to do the defensive work first and foremost has been just what the doctor ordered for the ailing defense. His play these last two matches is a major reason the Union are heading into Wednesday’s match vs. Toronto FC looking for their third consecutive clean sheet.


  1. Fully concur with you naming Flack as MOTM. HE was awesome. Too bad the forwards could not finish; they had their chances. Loved to see Sullivan making things happen again on the right wing.

  2. #PLAYTAI or Donovan

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