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Match report: CF Pachuca 6-0 Philadelphia Union

Photo: Ron Soliman

The Philadelphia Union were completely dominated by CF Pachuca, losing 6-0 and bowing out of the Concacaf Champions Cup in embarrassing fashion on Tuesday night in front of a sold out Estadio Hidalgo.

A hattrick from Pachuca forward Salomon Rondon (6′, 45’+6, 53′) was accompanied by goals from Nelson Deossa (57′) Oussama Idriss (63′) and Alan Bautista (85′).

The Union managed just two shots on goal and never looked threatening.

First Half

It was a dream start for Pachuca, when after an initial no-call, an extended VAR check by referee Bryan Lopez determined that Kai Wagner made enough contact with Miguel Rodriguez on his tackle inside the box to warrant a penalty kick in just the 6′.

Salomon Rondon subsequently buried his shot from the spot, going to Andre Blake’s left, and giving Pachuca an early 1-0 lead.

Pachuca nearly doubled their lead in the 19′ when Salomon Rondon received the ball at the top of the six, turned and fired a shot heading for the bottom left corner.  But Andre Blake got to ground quickly and made an incredible fingertip save to deny Rondon a second goal.

After an extended 20 minute period of next to no chances for the Union, Jack McGlynn took an ambitious shot from distance in the 42′ which appeared to breathe some life into Jim Curtin’s side.  The shot looked like it was on course to go just wide but Carlos Moreno was forced to make a save.

A few minutes later in the 45′ Jose Martinez made a nice run through midfield with the ball, played a cross to the far side of the box which found Danial Gazdag open for a clear header on goal, but Moreno was in position to make an easy save.

Pachuca thought they had doubled their lead in early stoppage time when Rondon chested down a cross at the eighteen which was then lasered into the net by Rodriguez.  But Rondon was ruled offside on the initial pass.

But just moments later, Rondon would indeed double Pachuca’s lead. Rondon shielded the ball against three Union defenders, played a quick one-two, and then buried the ball into the top of the net on a shot which even Andre Blake had no shot of stopping.

A VAR check confirmed the goal and Lopez’s whistle blew shortly after to bring the first half to a close.

Second Half

With the Union needing goals, the second half began with Julian Carranza entering the match in replace of Jose Martinez. However, Pachuca would pick things up right where they left off.

Los Tuzos thought they had a third goal just moments after the restart, but Rondon was ruled offside on his initial run before playing the ball to Rodriguez who had provided the finish.

In the 53′ though, Pachuca made no doubt and found the gut punching third goal. Rodriguez took the ball to the end line, crossed it into the box, and Rondon outmanned Jakob Glesnes to get to the ball first, and he buried the shot first touch and stuck the proverbial dagger through the heart of the Union.

The flood gates then opened up in the 57′. A horrible turnover from Lowe playing out of the back led to a shot from distance by Nelson Deossa.  Andre Blake got a hand to it, but the shot had enough power on it to bounce over the goal line. 4-0 Pachuca

Just six minutes later, after some lovely combination play between Idrissa and Rondon, aided by non-existent Union defending, Idrissa had a clear shot on net from the top of the eighteen which he proceeded to bury.  5-0 Pachuca

Pachuca then added a cherry on top in the 85′, when after a strong save from Andre Blake, Oussame Idrissi took the rebound, dribbled across the six unchallenged, left the ball for Alan Bautista who slotted his shot past a few Union defenders and across the goal line. 6-0 Pachuca.

Bryan Lopez blew the whistle as soon as the clock hit 90′ to end the onslaught.

Three Points

  •  Embarrassment – Call it what it was.  Pachuca ran circles around the Union all night, aided by a Union backline that looked completely lost from the opening whistle. It was a cringeworthy performance from the boys in blue.
  •  Salomon Rondon –  The Venezuelan forward was completely dominant and the Union defense had zero solutions.  Undoubtedly the Man of the Match.
  •  Sound the Alarm? –  There’s plenty of excuses to give to try and explain the blow-out: tired legs from a congested schedule, difficult environment, 8,000 feet elevation, etc.  But this kind of performance will certainly have some Union fans asking themselves: Are we in for a long season?


Philadelphia Union (4-3-2-1)

Andre Blake, Jakob Glesnes, Damion Lowe, Nathan Harriel (Olivier Mbaizo – 69′), Kai Wagner, Jose Martinez (Julian Carranza – 46′) Alejandro Bedoya (Jesus Bueno -56′), Jack McGlynn, Daniel Gazdag (Jack Elliot – 69′), Quinn Sullivan, Mikael Uhre (Markus Anderson – 56′)

Unused Subs: Oliver Semmle, Matt Real, Jeremy Rafanello, Chris Donovan, Tai Baribo, 

Pachuca (4-2-3-1)

Carlos Moreno, Sergio Barreto, Pedro Pedraza (Elias Montiel -69′), Nelson Deossa (Israel Luna – 78′), Bryan Gonzalez, Erick Sanchez (Alan Bautista – 78′), Oussame Idrissi, Gustavo Cabral, Salomon Rondon (Sergio Aguayo – 81′), Luis Rodriguez, Miguel Rodriguez (Alexei Dominguez Figueroa – 69′)

Unused Subs: Carlos Rodas, Alonso Aceves, Andres Micolta, Rene Lopez, Javier LopezJesus Hernandez,  Roberto de la Rosa

Scoring Summary

PAC – Salomon Rondon – (6′ – PK)

PAC – Salomon Rondon – (45′ + 6)

PAC – Salomon Rondon (53′)

PAC – Nelson Deossa (57′)

PAC – Oussama Idrissi (63′)

PAC – Alan Bautista (85′)

Disciplinary Summary

PAC – Pedraza – (Yellow Card – 23′)

PHI – Lowe (Yellow Card – 74′)

PAC – Sanchez (Yellow Card – 76′)


  1. Maybe they got all their mistakes out of their systems for the season in one match that doesn’t count for much ?

    I guy can hope.

    Safe travels home Union.

    • It’s hard to get into Champions for a self-evident reason. It took us over a decade to qualify. It always means much to me, especially since it might be awhile before we get there again the way things are looking.

      Indeed…let’s hope tonight’s hot mess exit was an anomaly. Hope is a bad plan though.

  2. John P O'Donnell says:

    It’s time to realize this team is on decline. They peaked at MLS Cup and they have been falling back ever since. Last year it was Uhre and the ability to score for the team as a whole. Now it looks like the defense is also on the downside of the curve with Glesnes like a shadow of his defender of the year season.
    Not to leave anyone without a little food for thought but Curtin new look is winless so far.

  3. It’s a third person kind of night. The Elephant says…
    “I’ll manage this one for us. Someone’s gotta say the hard shit and if you’ve been around for any length of time you know I’m up for it.”
    I’ve always argued it’s a ‘You & Yours’ not a ‘Them & Us’ relationship. They win and lose. You win and lose. WE do not. But I’m embarrassed for US tonight.
    There are Standards now.
    Take your 6 nothing —- non lubricated ass fucking and go shit in a hat. What a waste of resource to travel down there and do that. Not even worth the carbon offset.
    Understood: JIM, ERNST, and JAY.
    Unacceptable ….. and that better be the message inside the comfy confines of The Power Training Complex & Twenty Five oh One Seaport Drive.
    You were not likely to win and that’s fine. Expected really.
    Humiliating. There are standards now.
    You get a very marginal gift in the 49th min to stay in the game then proceed to shit all over it and bury yourselves at the half… 49 seconds later. Then showed up to a gun fight in second half with a butter knife.. AND QUIT.
    One way or another what made this team very good was its defending and it defends FOR SHIT and has for going on 18 months now.
    Bedoya not up for it at 8,000 feet and half a world away…what was the manager thinking? Bring him on in the 70th of a hopeful 1-1 game. I just don’t understand the rational. He looked like an asthmatic with a monocle and corn cob pipe running around out there. Just so off the pace.
    As for Lowe… he’s a beast defensively but a total liability in possession….the game is too difficult to play at higher levels when your interior defenders cannot accurately spray the ball… or break lines.
    Gazdag no good. Any version of Uhre dropping deep for the ball is a shit outcome…
    Nothing good tonight. No ‘ Thing. This shit reminds me of the days when… So Union reigned as the punchline to so many game write’ups.
    Hemorrhaging goals and I’m busted up about tonight.
    Fuck off
    Fix it.

    • You said it all, Pachy.
      Your rant is recognized and should be pasted up on the wall of the locker room.

    • el Pachyderm says:

      …WAIT… that’s the first person afterall. Nevermind.

    • +1. Embarrassing to watch. And yes, I remember the bad old days. As I was waiting for the last game to come on, I did hear Stuart Holden ask aloud whether the Union’s “Window of Winning” was closing. Unfortunately, all of El Pachy’s observations are accurate and make me think that the answer to Holden’s question is yes. There is only one thing that I want to point out as a “silver lining” of sorts. The present team is missing one person whom I suggest was vitally important to the defense–Leon Flach. When both he and El Brujo were in the lineup, the U. were extremely difficult to break down (though for sure, they were more limited offensively). Should Flach return in good form, there is likely to be less pressure upon the backline. Will that be enough to make a difference? Quien sabe? [Who knows?]

    • 1st person 3rd person 6th person! However you want to classify it, it was woefully unacceptable,unattractive, unprofessional, pretty much insert any un- word you want! I tuned out at 4/0! Pachy you, as usual, nailed it! Thanks for saying the loud part loud!

  4. Our team never changes. We’re simply getting figured out by now with all the review analysis and personal experience, especially since we are a journeymen squad with no marquee power. Pachuca even had tapes and experience playing us from the 2022 friendly and first leg.

  5. Win nothing and be happy says:

    U always bite off more than U can Pachuca.

    Roadkill on the soccer highway.

    Big Game James.

    No hope, no future.

    Run it (broke) back.

  6. Gruncle Bob says:


  7. paulcontinuum2022 says:

    Despicable. This is the kind of performance that gets players waived, managers and technical directors fired and cheapasses owners staring down he barrel of a fan boycott.


  8. It could have been 8 0 if not for 1 heroic Blake stop and better finishing on other clear looks. Total organizational failure.

  9. paulcontinuum2022 says:

    Seema like my comments aren’t being posted. Wonder why?

    • Having the same problem. Last match too. Wonder if their screening process has changed and it just takes longer?

      • I don’t see any issues with your comments but it might take a minute for the cache to clear. If you have more issues let me know.

    • I think some of your comments are getting flagged by the spam filter because your email address was entered under “Your Website”. I cleared them out but that can sometimes throw off the spam filter. If you have more issues let me know.

  10. Simply Overmatched. and Out of their League … It was reminiscent of when I use to watch my kids paly in tournaments that they never should have been in. The local town travel club vs the Olympic level training team from the state or the elite private club team made up of select players that cost 2000 to join only after you made the cut.

    Grit can only take you so far…I dont fault the Union for individual players grit and effort. They just dont belong on the field vs a team like Pachucha in a “world Cup” Type game.

    Pachuca will probably win the tournament and the Mexican league. Jims first responsibility is to restore confidence in his players. Ernst and the owner must realize that unless you are not making a real effort to improve the quality of your team you are moving backwards eveb in the MLS. There is no place for complacency in professional sports. The Union were able to keep Wagner and Caranza and sign a back but did nothing else.

    Smoke and Mirrors …..The level of professional soccer in the US is still light years behind the Premier league and the other top leagues. Garber and company along with Apple TV are the Barnum are Bailey Circus. Step inside folks and see the greatest show on Earth. They have thrown all their efforts into one basket Messi and Company. A team made of aging world class superstars that has somehow slipped by salary cap criteria vs everyone else.

    The reality of US born and nurtured “Mens Soccer” is we are not there yet. I am having a hard time thinking of players other than Landon Donavan and Clint Dempsey who actually had an impact on a foreign team. Even are current and near current team is made up of mostly players who grew up abroad and have 1 parent who has US citizen ship. ok I digress ….. I will still watch and cheer on the Union and I hope someday they acquire a new owner with deep pockets because I enjoy watching local soccer.

    PS Germany will never develop a league that can compete with the NFL. There will never be a team from Spain in the NBA even though they have a handful of world class players. Soccer is as much a cultural phenomena in Spain Germany and England etc as the NFL is in the USA. Its never going to be fully embraced by the masses.

    • Watching that disaster, I was reminded of a similar experience I had some 40 years ago as a young man on vacation on a Club Med booze cruise. A couple of local Mexican teenagers brought out a ball to kill time while the vacationers got drunk. Having touched a ball a few times in high school, fraternity league and pickup games on LI, I jumped in. I’ll never forget the complete horrific and sobering feeling of impotence and embarrassment that overwhelmed me as those guys faked and dribbled around me like they were born with a ball on their feet. Wait! What? They were?..

      That’s no doubt what the boys in blue were feeling last night….

  11. Worst loss in history? I think we’ve never conceeded six before. Can we get an article on the worst losses in Union history?


  12. Andy Muenz says:

    As soon as the draw for CCC came out last December, we knew the Union got as tough a round of 16 matchup as they possibly could.
    That was an example of a team in mid-season form playing a team at the start of their season at altitude. Pachuca had their engines up to speed, the Union didn’t.
    6-0 was really no worse than 2-0 in the overall scheme of things. Once it went to 3-0 and it became obvious that the tournament was over for the Union and it became time to start conserving energy for the Austin game coming up on Saturday. The fact that Pachuca kept pressing was of no matter. So they lost by a bigger score. Who cares?
    Time to focus on the regular season. It’s only 2 games in so hopefully they can get things together earlier than they have the last few years.
    And one potentially good thing with being eliminated from CCC, it frees up the mid-week dates to potentially get the Seattle game in since Seattle is in DC for the weekend between the CCC semifinal dates.

  13. This is again all on Curtin. Just another game where motivation seems to be lackin’ when big games are happenin’.

    If this squad continues to sputter as it has for about a year… FIRE CURTIN from sec 114 will get louder and louder each game.


  14. This team looks, feels and smells like the team we used to come see knowing they would lose but hoping for better. What I remember most is that they couldn’t connect passes to move forward, that the offense was dysfunctional. That put more pressure on the less than stellar defense and …losses piled up. Gazdag is not performing as a 10, at all. Uhre, our reincarnation of Wenger, needs to get sold or donated. Glesnes lost his mojo and Wagner is increasingly error prone. And of course, Curtin can’t win the big games, never has and gives no indication that he has that ability. Oh but the ticket prices keep increasing, Sugarman

  15. Too bad the game didn’t stop after 5 minutes like the one on Saturday.

  16. Chris Gibbons says:

    Tough game, Pachuca looked great across two legs.

    How different things might have been if the U’s big striker signing, the one they stole from Prem teams who was coming off a Player of the Year campaign, looked at all dangerous like his Pachucan counterpart…

    Game state matters too. The U played nearly a full match and a half at a stalemate, then had to throw the kitchen sink at things for the final 45. Gaps opened, goals came… game state matters, but 6-0 is still ugly.


  17. Deez Nuggs says:

    That was a curb-stomping.

  18. Deez Nuggs says:

    A two-fisted trouncing.

  19. Deez Nuggs says:

    Pachuca came in and told Lennie to think of the rabbits.

    • Nice Steinbeck reference. Clearly Pachuca were the men and we were the mice.

      • Deez Nuggs says:

        You can’t help but laugh at it. I don’t honestly know how big a gap in quality there is vs a really bad night, because the guys were huffing and puffing from the beginning. Damien Lowe was having a lot of trouble catching his breath. But it is what it is, so we’s gots the jokes!

  20. Deez Nuggs says:

    Pachuca was like a vortex and we were wearing capes.

  21. Deez Nuggs says:

    We never should have asked them about their business.

  22. Deez Nuggs says:

    That was a run-by fruiting.

  23. Deez Nuggs says:

    Batman destroyed the Nygma machine and we were the Riddler still wired up.

  24. Deez Nuggs says:

    We said hello to their little friend.

  25. Deez Nuggs says:

    They were Frankenstein’s monster and we just ran out of petals.

  26. Deez Nuggs says:

    They came at us like Scar and we were Simba’s dad.

  27. Enough with the delusional BS, noone expected hope and grit to be a winning team. Going forward expect mediocrity at best, will root for the youngsters, but the product on the field is poor quality since day one. Enjoy the sport feel we deserve better from the ownership or the franchise will decline in value.

    • Agree, we have pure talent that can compete on the bench but Curtin will never grow the balls to make the moves we need listed below. Just because a guy can finish on the six yard box but has no ability to help a team progress up the field, doesn’t mean he’s an impactful forward. Uhre has no first touch, pace, hold up ability or ability to finish or distribute. What’s his purpose ????

      Andersen Carranza

      McGlynn Gazdag Sullivan


      Wagner Lowe Elliot Harriel


      Subs: baribo, uhre(sell), Donovan, bedoya, mbiazo, Rafanello, Glesnes

      • The bench would have been zero help vs this team. The bench can’t even cra k the line up vs MLS teams.

  28. Though we clearly would’ve lost regardless, I blame Curtin a bunch for this one. Starting us in that 4-3-3 formation with Gazdag playing left striker was absurd and took him out of the match entirely. It also meant that there was no one to pull the strings on offense, and left us outmanned in the midfield.

    Then needing to chase the game with another striker in the second half, you take out Martinez?? The linchpin of the defense?? He should’ve taken out Bedoya or McGlynn.

    Of course, none of these things could make up for how woeful the back line looked. Wagner was bad, and Glesnes continues to look just awful. Maybe he should’ve been subbed off at the half for Jack Elliott.

    We’ll know after the next few matches whether this was an anomaly or whether we’re in for a long season.

    • Deez Nuggs says:

      The only player who could credibly claim to have had an okay game WAS Martinez. Everyone else had a terrible match. Sullivan and Gazdag were invisible and slow, unable to make the pressing runs. McGlynn got absolutely trashed on every defensive effort, including getting shoved off the ball for goal (was it?) 4. Altitude was a factor, they were all sucking wind. Pitch too, as they were slipping and losing feet way too much. It was all too much to handle… the aggressive press, the technical dribbles, the trailing runs. It was clear no one’s brains were activated.

      • Eric Boyle says:


        We were getting beat down both wings – unusual for Wagner to be so outmatched in a league game. Idrissi was a handful among others.

    • Next few matches? Curtin does not strategize…ever! He’s been lucky with the talent Ernst has been able to acquire. We are in for a long 3 years my man, until this coach is gone.

  29. The scariest part for me was the complete lack of in game adjustment. First adjustment should have been to match Pachuca’s intensity after the PK and get more compact. Second, make them pay for the high press. Where were the over the top balls and quick counters? Curtin did nothing tactically to help relieve the pressure and move forward. Just stood there and watched the waves crash on Blake. D, Middies and FWD’s all looked hopeless lost as to how to professionally compete against Pachuca. No real game plan, no strategically designed starting XI and no realization that what they were doing was failing miserably. They better take a hard lesson from this one.

    • Chris Gibbons says:

      They did adjust though. Their build out patterns were entirely different in response to the press, and their sequence in the midfield were different too. They played their usual balls into the space behind the full backs, but Uhre simply couldn’t get to them and Sullivan was forced to drop deep to help the midfield because of the press. Then they changed again at halftime to chase a goal, bringing on a striker for a midfielder – and that left space behind.

    • Andy Muenz says:

      Asking them to pick up the intensity just wasn’t going to work. Pachuca is in midseason form and is used to playing at altitude. For the Union to try and pick up their intensity, they would just tire themselves out even faster and be even deader for a game that now matters a lot more than last night, Saturday in Austin.
      The only chance the Union had last night at that altitude was bend don’t break combined with an occasional counterattack. Unfortunately, last night the defense broke and the counterattack wasn’t there.

      • Agree, there was no way the Union could have picked up the intensity. You need to train in high altitude for at least a month before your body’s oxygen
        needs adjust. The Union knew the could not get into a slug fest with Pachuca and win. Once they gave up the 2nd goal it was over.

  30. OneManWolfpack says:

    If they don’t show up Saturday against an Austin team, who can’t hold a lead and haven’t won yet, then I will be willing to say we have a major problem. Not beating Pachuca is fine… but getting obliterated and out-classed while barely showing any effort or fight is another. That was unacceptable and the effort on Saturday better reflect that everyone in that room knows it.

    • Andy Muenz says:

      The worry there is that they wore themselves out last night and won’t be completely recovered. In some ways, a 6-0 loss was better than a 2-0 loss because hopefully they weren’t putting in the same effort at the end and were conserving something, especially since they will be down several bodies for the following game in Portland.

  31. So, I had to step back from the gut reactions that you all shared and that I also felt. Game plan was too passive and we got totally out-hustled and outplayed. They pressed us and it seemed like we were trying to hold back because we were afraid of the altitude and the passive game plan. Uhre was not just a zero but a negative up front (he either turned the ball over or was out of the play), so there was no release valve. They also were much better skilled than we were. Uhre’s ball skills are pathetic for a DP. Give Pachuca credit, they completely took us out of our gameplan and abused us. The only two players that seemed to have a clue were Blake and Bedoya (even with the fatigue). We can throw this game out as a one-of but the real issue is that we are falling into mediocrity while other teams are spending significant money to improve. This team is not funded to win championships. It is funded to make money developing and selling players. Let’s face it. We will have anomaly years when we get lucky with young talent but we can’t compete year over year with teams that truly invest. Having said all this, I have no idea why Curtin doesn’t bench Uhre and start Marcus going forward. He has better ball skills, does well at hold up play, and has better touch.

    • yessss Frank, I’ve been screaming for Uhre to sit for the last two years. He needs to be sold and Anderson is already showing quality the season this is a no brainer, but Curtin will take forever to make this change if it ever happens at all.

  32. Idrissi destroyed Phily, Moroccans don’t joke around.

  33. Are we the Eagles now? Collapsing? Or are we Chiefs who sucked and then turned it around? Do we put faith in what we have done or do we need to go in a new direction to succeed? We shall see.

    • Andy Muenz says:

      They are neither. Last night (and last Tuesday) was like a top college hockey team taking on the Phantoms. The college team was able to skate with the Phantoms in one game but when push came to shove they were blown out in the other.
      But both are a long distance from being able to compete in the top league in the world.

  34. I thought that I posted this before, but I didn’t see it. Didn’t the Union dry out their boots from last Saturday? They were all incredibly slow, and inept. I agree with El Pachy that effort was far below the standards set by this team over the last 4 years. There is no way right now that we can tell whether or not this was an anomaly–I hope for the sake of all of us that it was. But coming less than a year after the Miami fiasco, it has the look and feel of a choke.

    In the post game analysis, Stuart Holden asked the question whether the Union’s “window” [of winning] was closing. There is one meaningful difference [from 2022] to which I can point–the absence of Leon Flach. Despite his offensive issues, he was a defensive dynamo who made every other defender on the field better. Perhaps he is the missing link. . . or perhaps this team has missed its opportunity and needs to rebuild. On the other hand, Flach may return the way that Jakob Glesnes has, which is as a shadow of his former self. I choose to be hopeful for the moment.

    • Andy Muenz says:

      There are a couple of big differences between last night and the Inter Messi fiasco last year. Last year was at home in the middle of the season when the Union should have been in peak condition. Last night was 3,000 miles away at 8,000 foot altitude when the Union have only been playing games for 3 weeks and are unlikely to be at peak condition and against a team that has been playing their league games for 2 months (many of them at the same altitude).

  35. Uhh…
    What was that?
    Ok here’s some thoughts (don’t expect much I’m still in shock)
    Is this the worst game in union history? I have no memory of them losing by more then 5 goals.
    Lack of effort. blame Curtin all you want, and he obviously deserves some of the blame, but what the hell were the players doing? They all just seemed to… I don’t really know to say, they just weren’t trying?
    Wake up call. I like to try and be positive when the Philly teams are crap, The Union started the season off, in my opinion pretty well. Attack looked good, Carranza seemed unstoppable, Sullivan looked almost like a new signing. And then they just stopped, I’ll give Sullivan a break because he’s been played in the striker position while carranzas been injured but Uhre NEEDS to step it up. I feel another great no9 is really what this team needs to get back to their normal level. And selling Uhre to get a new DP (or put Carranza on DP to try and keep him longer) is what this team needs.
    Defense. I don’t know. I guess just give them a couple weeks to get it together? Or maybe, (this will sound crazy to everyone I know) SIGN A PLAYER??? If Glesnes and Elliott can’t figure it out them bring someone in who can.
    Ok I’m done now.

  36. I’m not saying that he needs to go now but if the team has a poor season, do they look to change the manager? I don’t know who the replacement would be , it’s just a thought! Been having a struggle to win and find consistency for a little while! I may be having a negadelphian moment! What’s over there… is that the cliff… it can’t be, do they have cookies??? I’ll be back.

    • If they miss the playoffs, then I’m all for sacking Curtin.
      I don’t like to admit it but I will.

    • Once you make the playoffs, gameday coaching is needed. Correct adjustments to the formations, one on one marking or zone defense needs to be decided, and most importantly of all your best players must start and the correct substitutions must be made. In all of these factors, Curtin has failed for the last 3 years.

      • Andy Muenz says:

        Yeah, cause it’s Curtin’s fault the team caught COVID and it’s Curtin’s fault that LAFC was able to bring Bale off the bench and it’s Curtin’s fault that Kai Wagner couldn’t keep his mouth shut and got suspended and then VAR blew the offsides call.
        Curtin has put them in a position to win and the team has failed to execute.

    • Can we please get off the Curtin is always at fault kick? What manager gets his hands tied behind his back and is unable to bring in qualified DPs, is forced to use players that are not as skilled as other teams (eventhough he has improved the abilities of each player since they got here – reference Kasper and Jameir Montero and then sold them eventhough they were busts elsewhere). He is proven to improve the skills. Should he sub players in faster and be quicker to pull the trigger on who is playing well and who isn’t? Absolutely. We have the best record in the past 5 years and the highest rated MLS team in CONCACAF as of last month. So, here is my question. Given that the ownership group is cheap and doesn’t want to invest in proven talent, what coach would you bring in that will do a better job than Jim? Seriously?? Who? You won’t spend money and have to rely on young inexperienced or unproven players. Ideal coaching situation???? Heck no! I would like to see Jim coach if he had better DPs and more money at his disposal. I get the anger and frustration, but let’s think rationally about all this.

      • Andy Muenz says:


      • All good points Frank! I’m really just posing a question. I have defended Curtin in the past and the team has been much improved over the last 4/5 seasons! I guess I was more pissed off at that lack of …. Anything resembling the beautiful game! I’m ok now! I had a good night sleep and my favorite beverage! All good!! Cheers!

      • Eric Boyle says:

        Sometimes his cautious nature gets us in trouble though. The InterMessi fiasco last year being the prime example. That was on the manager.

      • Eric, I totally agree. I also thought he was too passive in Mexico. Is it because he is scared that his team can’t handle it or is it because he is conservative by nature. My guess is a bit of both. Given the state of our defense, it’s hard to go against that. With only Carranza scoring….

      • paulcontinuum22 says:

        Jesse Marsch? Steve Cooper? Both managers are available at the moment.

    • The coach was not the problem vs Pachuca. They were overmatched.

  37. The embodiment of why I haven’t given a crap about this team since The Capitulation in Chester against Miami. THAT was the worst loss in team history.
    Last night was still pretty freaking embarrassing. We get what we pay for, and this team stinks. I’ll go to Chester this season if someone gives me a ticket. Maybe.

  38. All good points Frank! I’m really just posing a question. I have defended Curtin in the past and the team has been much improved over the last 4/5 seasons! I guess I was more pissed off at that lack of …. Anything resembling the beautiful game! I’m ok now! I had a good night sleep and my favorite beverage! All good!! Cheers!

  39. The Union have been operating with good oversight and a Tech director with some knowledge of European diamonds in the rough . He has never been given the budget on signing any proven player . We just don’t have the money. Never will unless someone buys the team and stays in Philly.Garber the MLs and Apple have created a contribed team in Miami. The MLS has allowed the Miami franchise to bend every salary cap and designated player rule in their favor to create a super team made of aging world class players. It’s the Era of the Messi circus. It will do nothing to grow the overall syrength of the league.

  40. paulcontinuum22 says:

    So is Austin FC a must win tomorrow night?

  41. You know, thinking about it, when the Union lose Curtin says they were “not themselves”. Maybe they really are “themselves”?

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