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Preseason match: Union 3 – 1 NYCFC

Photo Marjorie Elzey

CLEARWATER, January 27 – Late Saturday morning in Clearwater, Philadelphia Union played a closed match — no video, no “live blog,” and extremely limited postgame information —  against New York City FC.

The clubs played two 45-minute periods. NYCFC scored a goal in the first half. In the second, Philadelphia’s Nathan Harriel, Julian Carranza, and Francis Westfield scored in the 48th, 63rd, and 72nd minutes respectively.

Philadelphia had played four days previously. New York had played three days before. The injury Jose Martinez suffered against Austin on January 23 did not prevent him from playing against NYC.

See the Union’s post about the match (here).

Partial Boxscore

First half starters: Andre Blake; Kai Wagner, Jack Elliott, Damion Lowe, Olivier Mbaizo; Jesus Bueno; Jack McGlynn, Quinn Sullivan; Daniel Gazdag; Julian Carranza, Joaquin Torres.

Second half starters: Andre Blake (Andrew Rick 65′); Kai Wagner (Matt Real 65′), Jack Elliott (?? 65′), Damion Lowe (?? 65′), Nathan Harriel; Jose Martinez; Jack McGlynn (?? 65′), Quinn Sullivan (?? 65′); Daniel Gazdag (?? 65′); Julian Carranza (?? 65′), Chris Donovan.

Second half substitutes (around the 65th minute): Andrew Rick GK (for Blake); Matt Real LB (for Wagner), Neil Pierre CB,(uncertain, Francis Westfield M/D?, Sanders Ngabo M?, Nick Pariano M?, CJ Olney M?.

Away: Jose Riasco, Mikael Uhre, Brandan Craig.In Chester, injured: Leon Flach. Coach’s decisions: Holden Trent, Francesco Montali, Jakob Glesnes, Olwethu Makhanya, Isaiah LeFlore, Jamir Berdecio, David Vazquez, Jeremy Rafanello, Tai Baribo.


NYC FC           “Early”                   Unpublished

Union             48th minute           Nathan Harriel (Kai Wagner)

Union             63rd minute          Julian Carranza (Nathan Harriel)

Union            72nd minute          Francis Westfield (Sanders Ngabo)





  1. If a match is played and there is nobody there to prove it except for a bunch of Pigeons, did it really happen?

    • The laws of physics that govern phenomena on this planet say that when the tree falls in the forest it does in fact make many sounds regardless of the presence of observers.
      AND, Jim Curtin, his staff, and everyone at the union with access to the club’s overhead drone footage saw the game. They all saw it on the Union side.
      So did their counterparts from New York.
      They are the observers who are accumulating the data and impressions that will underly upcoming roster decisions.
      Aside from those decisions, building conditioning is the purpose of preseason.

      • What is a “sound?” The vibrations of a falling tree, or the mental sensation we experience when our brains interpret the nerve impulses from our ears after detection of them? I think an argument can be made that a “sound” requires an observer to “hear” it. But I’ll go away now.

      • With a big grin on my face, Ingtar, because we are teasing each other, clearly, would you argue that a start going supernova in another galaxy makes no sound because there are no known observers present to hear it?

      • Cogito ergo sum; I think therefore I am. I can prove nothing outside the existence of my own thoughts, even my own experience — what my eyes see, what my ears hear, cannot be proved real.

      • Ahhh…”full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”, then? I understand preseason, but would prefer that we had some ideas about the team as well.

      • Thanks, Tim! I’m glad you appreciated my response in the spirit it was intended. To be serious about it though, I don’t think there really is answer; just different perspectives. Kinda like whether a hot dog is a sandwich or not. It’s all about how you define a “sandwich,” or the meaning of “sound” in this case. Anyway, I love the discussion.

  2. Looks like Matt Real got some minutes in the 2nd half. As Jim said in the post-game, the Saprissa game is coming up fast. Doop!

  3. Sullivan starting on the right again is the most interesting bit for me from this

  4. I agree. Given the lack of changes to the team over the transition period, I predict that Sullivan will have a breakout season. We have seen glimpses of brilliance and although he is on the outside looking in for the Olympics, I wouldn’t be completely surprised if he isn’t considered.

  5. John P. O'Donnell says:

    With the signings this season or lack of, it rings to the past when Aaronson had his breakout year. Looks like the kids are getting minutes across the roster.

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