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In pictures: Philadelphia Union 0-0 (5-4) D.C. United

All photos credit Marjorie Elzey

The Union’s Leagues Cup campaign continued last week with a visit from rivals D.C. United.

With rain at kickoff, the game was flat with only a few scoring opportunities early on – not much to wake up a sleepy crowd. Hard tackles, the referee’s lack of cards for fouls, and the inability to finish created a game that felt it would never end.

That of course meant penalties.

The half-full crowd tried their best to get behind the chosen goal and perhaps it worked. The Union made five penalty kicks to take the win.

Those who scored include Julian Carranza, Jack Elliott, Jack McGlynn, Jesus Bueno, with Olivier Mbaizo taking the last spot kick.


Opening match details, both managers Jim Curtin and Wayne Rooney take the field before the coin toss and player pledges.


Starting Line-up: Damion Lowe, Mikael Uhre, Jakob Glesnes, Jack Elliot, Olivier Mbaizo, Andre Blake, Kai Wagner, Jose Martinez, Daniel Gazdag, Jesus Bueno, Julian Carranza


Kai Wagner defends Jackson Hopkins near the corner.


The fans react to the play that put Julián Carranza down in the corner by Donovan Pines. No foul was awarded to the Union.


José Martínez makes a pass with some pressure from Yamil Asad.


Andre Blake yells out instructions to his defensive team after a save early in the game.


Donovan Pines holds Mikael Uhre by the shirt as he tries to take the ball to a scoring opportunity. No foul is called.


Jesús Bueno wins the ball from Mateusz Klich.


Walter Lopez Ramos and Kai Wagner exchange words after a Union corner.


Jackson Hopkins tries to get a hand on José Martínez as he brings the ball towards the 50 yard line.


Jakob Glenses tried to get his head on the ball off a corner but Alex Bono gets a hand on it first.


Julián Carranza takes a shot on goal in the 2nd half. The Union were unable to put the ball in the net in regular time.


Daniel Gazdag tries to steal the ball from Christopher Durkin as he tries to work his way down the field in the first half.


Jesús Bueno wins the ball from Pedro Santos.


Julián Carranza celebrates a goal that is called back due to a foul that he caused in the box. Alex Bono, Donovan Pines, Derrick Williams are all looking to have the goal called off.


Daniel Gazdag takes a shot on goal during the 2nd half.


Christopher Durkin runs over Daniel Gazdag while battling for the ball with Jesús Bueno. Gazdag makes sure to let Durkin know how he felt about the play.


The players come together to defend each other on the field.


A play by Olivier Mbaizo brings Cristian Dájome down in pain.


Olivier Mbaizo points out that Jesús Bueno has the ball while DC United player, Cristian Dájome is on the ground in pain.


Donovan Pines keeps ahold of Chris Donovan’s jersey even as Chris continues to fight to get to the ball.


Jesús Bueno wins the ball from Cristian Dájome with a skilled tackle.


José Martínez maintains possession of the ball from Mateusz Klich close to the final whistle.


Jesús Bueno goes into for the tackle against Mateusz Klich while José Martínez backs him up.


Andre Blake watches as Jesús Bueno takes his PK against DC United Keeper Alex Bono.


Both teams lined up on the 50 and waiting their turn to walk to the spot and put the ball into the net.


Looking nervous to take the spot for the PK, Olivier Mbaizo celebrates his success while running to Andre Blake.


The team celebrates with Olivier Mbaizo after he won the penalty shoot-out after the regular time ended in a 0-0 tie. His PK took the team into the round of 16.


The Philadelphia Union host the New York Red Bulls on Monday, August 7. With a Union win, the quarterfinal game will be held in Subaru Park later in the week.

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  1. Back in the late 50s the National Football league experimented — briefly — with tearaway jerseys. Jim Brown of Cleveland went through several jerseys a game.
    Several of Marjorie’s photos remind me of that experiment.

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