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Photo essay: Philadelphia Union vs Queretaro FC 5-1

The Philadelphia Union dominated Queretaro FC on July 26th at Subaru Park.

The game started off with a feisty interaction between Jose Martinez and Camilo Sanvezzo. Michel Uhre and Federico Lertora both received yellow cards before the 20th minute, while Jakob Glesnes picked up his own card in the 45th.

The scoring starting for the Union in the 30th with a goal from Daniel Gazdag, along with a penalty kick from the Union midfielder a few minutes later. Nathan Harriel scored a header off a corner kick taken by Jesús Bueno just before halftime. That goal gave the Union right back his first in Leagues Cup play and the second in his professional career.

Before being subbed off in the 74th. minute, Daniel Gazdag successfully took another penalty, giving him his first hat trick of the season. Jack Elliott earned his first assist of the tournament while Jesus Bueno earned two on the night – Homegrown Jack McGlynn scored his first goal in the competition as well. To the additional delight of the crowd, there were fireworks at the conclusion of the match.

The team will host the next match in the Round of 32 on August 3rd.


A vendor outside of Subaru Park greets fans with International flags and sombreros.


Andre Blake takes the “Player’s Pledge” about Unity, ending Racism and sharing the love for the game and each other at the start of the game.


José Martínez and Camilo Sanvezzo exchange words in the first few minutes of the game.


Damion Lowe heads the ball towards the net early in the first half.


A yellow card is issued to Federico Lertora in the 20th minute for a foul on José Martínez.


Jesús Bueno uses his strength to keep the defender from making any advances with he ball.


Alejandro Arana reacts to taking down Julián Carranza outside the 6. This foul brings the Union to its first PK on the night.


Daniel Gazdag has perfect form as he strikes the ball for the first PK taken that night.


José Martínez strikes the ball and just misses a goal.


Jack Elliot uses strength and leverage to get the advantage on the ball for the Union.


Nathan Harriel celebrates his goal with teammates, giving thanks to the Badge and the River End and lastly with Jim Curtin.


Angel Sepulveda loses a physical battle with José Martínez in the middle of the field.


Jakob Glesnes gets his head on a ball off a corner. The ball goes over the net.


Heading towards goal to take a shot, Jesús Bueno brings the ball towards the box before getting fouled.


Daniel Gazdag celebrates with Jesús Bueno after making his second PK of the night. Jesús Bueno was fouled in the box on what could have been his first MLS goal.


Quinn Sullivan stretches his leg to try to get his foot on the ball while under pressure from Queretaro F.C.


Keeping his body between the defender and the ball, Chris Donovan is able to maintain possession.


Joaquín Torres takes a shot on goal late in the second half of the game.


Alejandro Arana gets a finger tip on a shot from Damion Lowe, pushing the ball just over the top of the crossbar.


Shirt pulling from Oscar Manzanares doesn’t phase Chris Donovan as he chests the ball in the second half of the game.


Kai Wagner continues to try to win the ball  with a Queretaro F.C. kicking towards him from the ground.


Jack McGlynn strikes a pose after celebrating his goal with teammates Chris Donovan and Nathan Harriel.


At the end of the game, fans stayed to watch fireworks over the River End.


The Leagues Cup continues into August. See who the Union play in the next round by following the brackets at



  1. Perea deal is interesting. I assume to clear some space for the Israeli striker from Austrian league…. but I have a question.

    Assuming we play NYCFC in the playoffs, will Perea be allowed to play against the U or is it like when Caranza was transfered and could not play against Miami that season?

    • Cristian Madiana ‘dog house’ situation?

      … but no ‘buy clause’ for NYCFC is interesting. So maybe like Craig, get him playing time for next season when Bedoya will retire, and possibly transfers for Martinez, Wagner and plenty others will impact the roster.

      AND HE’S ONLY 22!

      • They just signed Martinez to a new contract. Wagner will likely leave on a free. Carranza likely to be sold in off season.

      • If Bueno continues with his trajectory he’ll replace Bedoya… but if Martinez is transfered (even though he signed a contract, he can be transfered easily) Flach is not ready for his spot… who replaces Martinez from the ‘kids’?

        And yes. Since he arrived it’s been a chess match in the grandest style of MoneyBall!

        BTW CONGRATS Herr Tanner. Well deserved contract extension.

        Now get to work hosting MLS Cup 2023!
        Perea deal a bust… Paid $650,000 for him to Orlando. Too immature for Curtin?

      • HopkinsMD says:

        If Martinez is transferred, Bueno would be my choice at D-mid. Then figure out the shuttler on the right side of the diamond (Sullivan or inverted McGlynn).

      • Hmmm… I’d actually be curious to see Odada at DM, though it seems he’s been off radar of late. If effective, that would allow Bueno to be on the right.

  2. like the Perea deal, $300k and room for the next striker. Andre is a US Citizen. Does that free up an Inat’l spot? Looks like Ernst is playing chess with all the moves.

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