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In pictures: Philadelphia Union 3-1 Club Tijuana

On Saturday July 22nd, the Philadelphia Union hosted Club Tijuana for both team’s kick off of the Leagues Cup.

The opening game at Subaru Park was an exciting one! In the 19th minute penalty and a red card was issued to Club Tijuana, leading to an early Union lead thanks to a successful PK taken by Daniel Gazdag. The teams seemed to be toeing the line with their play and the referee’s calls and during the second half of the game, another red card was issued to the visitors. Along the way, Yellow cards were issued to José Martínez and another to Damion Lowe, as well as to the head coach of Club Tijuana.

Julián Carranza picked up a brace with goals in the 26th and 71st minutes, rising above a fast-paced and physical encounter.

The Union take on Querétaro F.C. on July 26th at Subaru Park.


The Philadelphia Union and Club Tijuana get ready to kick off!


Andre Blake watches the ball go out of bounds after making save in the first half.


Jack McGlynn looks for the open player while under pressure.


Captain, Andre Blake, watches over the field as his team works in their scoring end.


Jackob Glesnes and Jack Elliot work to defend a shot taken on goal.


José Martínez talks to the defensive players from the middle of the field.


Club Tijuana argues with the Referee after Lucas Rodriguez was issued a red card. They convince the Referee to use VAR which confirms the call on the field was correct.


Nicolás Díaz watches as Daniel Gazdag takes the PK after Díaz was issued a red card.


The Union celebrate a successful PK taken by Daniel Gazdag.


Andre Blake reacts to the crowd chanting “Andre Blake” after he makes a save.


Jackob Glesnes tries to stop Lucas Rodriguez from taking the shot.


Julián Carranza reacts to the goals scored by Carlos González while Club Tijuana celebrates in the background.


Carlos González takes down José Martínez in the middle of the field.


Kevin Balanta makes a hard slide tackle on Mikeal Uhre. This tackle earned him a red card.


Players from both teams surround the referee in the second half because a red card was just issued to Kevin Balanta for a foul outside the box.


Mikael Uhre and Kevin Balanta both try to convince the referee that the other player was at fault.


Jesús Bueno is stopped while charging towards the ball.


A player from Club Tijuana signals for a sub for goalie, Antonio Rodríguez, as he prepares to leave the field via stretcher.


Club Tijuana’s starting goalie had to be stretchered off and subbed out of the game due to a leg injury.


Julián Carranza celebrates his goal in the 2nd half.


Jesús Bueno brings the ball towards goals while a player from Club Tijuana tried to match his pace.


Going up for a header, Jack McGlynn challenges for the ball.


Jack Elliot lunges for the ball denying a player from Club Tijuana the opportunity to work towards a goal.


Jack McGlynn watches the ball, waiting for his chance to make a move to win the ball.


A scuffle at the end of the of the match seemed to be a fitting ending to matched filled with cards.


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