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In pictures: Philadelphia Union 2-1 NYC FC

Finally a win and it was a big one!

Sunday night the Union took on NYC FC to battle for the top position in the East. This is the second time this year that the teams have met with the Union winning both games. The two teams hold a lot of grudges towards each other and are not afraid to let it come out on and off the field — from banter on Twitter between former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson and the New York fans, to the bitterness about the NYC FC wining the Eastern Conference Final last year with the Union having nine starters in COVID protocols.

The Boys in Blue were ready to again show NYC FC that they are the better team. Plenty of pushing, exchanging of words and even a red card for the Union’s athletic trainer made for a game that we won’t soon forget.

Andre Blake looks calm and ready to defend the goal suing warm-ups


The Pride flag is proudly flown in honor of “Pride Day at the Union”.


The Sons of Ben drummers kick off the game.


Mikael Uhre has his eyes on the ball as he works his way down the scoring side of the field.


Mikael Uhre runs towards Sean Johnson as he misses saving the shot giving the Union an early lead.


The Union celebrate a goal early in the first half of the game.


Jack Elliott is taken down with a jersey pull by Valentín Castellanos in the middle of the field.


Nathan Harriel jumps to win the header on the corner kick by Kai Wagner.


Sean Johnson yells out information to players further down field.


Kai Wagner get hit in the face by Christopher Gloster while fighting for the ball.


Valentín Castellanos argues with the head referee after Kai Wagner gets hit in the face.


Almost blocked by Maxime Chanot, Julián Carranza gets a shot on goal the in the first half.


Jose Martinez and Maximiliano Moralez collide while going for the ball.


Santiago Rodríguez beats Jack Elliott to the ball.


The eyes hold the windows to the soul. Here Jose Martinez, Kai Wagner and Maxime Chanot all hold intensity in their eyes while walking on the pitch to start the second half.


Mikael Uhre leaps over Sean Johnson after he grabs the ball before Uhre can get a strike on it.


Julián Carranza gets his foot on the ball with a high kick near the sideline.


Captain Bedoya reacts to missing a goal that would have put the Union in the lead.


Julián Carranza fights against Alexander Callens to get to the ball.


Yelling and pushing between Alexander Callens, Gabriel Pereira dos Santos and Paul Rushing along with Union team members results in a red card for the athletic trainer.


Jakob Glesnes bear hugs Paul Rushing, holding him back from NYC FC players who were harassing and pushing him.


Paul Rushing is led off the field after being red carded while trying to tend to Julián Carranza who was injured on a play.


Cheering from the River End as athletic trainer Paul Rushing exits the field.


Nathan Harriel battles for the ball against Talles Magno.


Daniel Gazdag argues with the referee about a handball call against the Union giving NYC FC a penalty kick.


The fans of NYC FC celebrate a goal scored off a penalty in the 89th minute.


Alejandro Bedoya jumps for a header on a corner kick late in the game.


José Martínez registers an assist on this strike of the ball towards the goal. it is deflected by Cory Burke and finds the back of the net.


José Martínez reacts to seeing the flag showing the goal just scored was off-side.


The head official, Armando Villarreal, checks VAR to confirm the goal is good.


Cory Burke celebrates with fans after a deflected shot on goal by Jose Martinez gives the Union the win!


Smoke, flags, scarves and Mohawks filled the River End.


The game ends after a discussion on a possible penally. A ruling never came but the final whistle did.


The banter between Supporter’s Groups doesn’t end. A sign reminding NYC FC that the still don’t have a stadium to call home.


Spreading the word about kindness, a member of the Sons of Ben holds a sign as NYC FC leaves the field.


A fan holds a sign expressing her views on the recent ruling to overturn Roe vs Wade.


Cory Burke is pleasantly surprised by a fan who asked him to sign a Jamaica flag.


The Union play again tonight against Chicago Fire at Soldier Field.

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