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News roundup: Union get wild win over NYCFC, Bale joins LAFC, USWNT beat Colombia

Photo: Marjorie Elzey

Philadelphia Union 

The Union earned a crazy 2-1 win over NYCFC on Sunday night in Chester.

What they’re saying in the Bronx.

National coverage of the match.

The Union are back in action Wednesday night in Chicago.


Gareth Bale is on his way to LAFC this summer.

Carlos Vela has also agreed to a contract extension with LAFC.

The Seattle Sounders big names are heating up at the right time.

Toronto FC has also turned form with another big name soon to come.

Indiana Vassilev sparked a 2 goal comeback for a Inter Miami win.


The USWNT got a win over Columbia this weekend.

It’s a big summer for women’s international tournaments.

Is Paul Pogba on his way back to Juventus? 

Who is in your USMNT starting XI right now?


  1. Andy Muenz says:

    No mention of the CONCACAF U20’s? US-Costa Rica quarterfinal tonight at 6:50 on FS2.

    • Paxten with 2 goals, yes! Big win which gets them to the World Cup next year. Hopefully they can win Friday and make Olympics.

  2. National coverage of the match is going to a paywall and it is Colombia. not Columbia.

  3. John P. O'Donnell says:

    144,000 watched the Union vs. NYCFC on FS1. Can understand why they took the money and ran. This barely beat the USL game on ESPN.

    • Chris Gibbons says:

      Wow… that’s not great.

      • el Pachyderm says:

        roughly 14,000,000 people between the two cities and 144,000 watched a game of the two best teams in the conference.
        Oh man.

    • The Union Jack says:

      The kick off was delayed for 20 minutes (by FS1??). It may not have significantly increased viewership but the lack of respect the main networks give the league is appalling. If I had friends that kept telling me I’m stupid and ugly I’d go find better friends too.

      • Andy Muenz says:

        I sent a text to my ticket rep at 6pm when the teams were still warming up asking why they advertised the game as a 6pm start when it clearly wasn’t and asking if, in the future, they could let us know when the games are going to start late so we don’t have to sit in the sun for extra time. Haven’t heard back from him.

      • Union fan says:

        Nothing used to piss me off more than the league itself claiming a 7 pm start time knowing it was actually starting 25 minutes later. That’s standard practice for an FS1 game. To be fair, a couple years ago they finally started coming clean. On the MLS website if you click on the game page for any game, they put the actual kickoff time right in the banner. It’s tiny, but it’s there. Sunday’s game was always supposed to start at 6:25.

  4. FCdelcofella says:

    In other news my sons 2012 team won PA state cup…. No one cares about my kids team just like no one cares about uswnt. Stop wasting your time soyboys. Btw, in 2-3 years my kids team will crush the uswnt.

    • Andy Muenz says:

      That’s pretty sexist asking the page not to cover the women’s team…especially since they’ve won 4 more world cups than the men’s team. Just because you don’t care about them doesn’t mean that others don’t. No one is forcing you to click on the article.

      • FCdelcofella says:

        It’s an honest assessment. If you think it’s sexists that your problem. My sons team’s accomplishments are just as good as the uswnt in my eyes. You’re anti EPYSA if you don’t recognize them! Zing!!!! If we can agree on anything it’s the the mens national team is rubbish. They lost to Canada right?

      • Andy Muenz says:

        It’s not a question of not recognizing them, it’s a question of saying no one cares about them…I’m also beginning to think that you’re original comment had a typo and that they won the 2022 state cup, which is a bit more topical than winning the cup 10 years ago.
        Assuming it was this year, then congratulations. If there’s an article about it, by all means go ahead and post a link to it.

  5. Yeah no wonder the viewership numbers were poor…FS1 hardly advertises it…they don’t even send John Strong and Stu to the game, their #1 team (hello, top teams in the East and rematch of East Conf Championship!!)…they have JP call the game after doing US-Colombia the night before in Colorado!…It just reeks of cheapness…And on top of it, we have to sit and watch smug Alexi Lalas in the studio continually make undervalued comments about the Union. I was at the game thankfully so didn’t have to witness lol, but just caught recording.

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