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Player ratings: LAFC 2-2 Philadelphia Union

Photo: Marjorie Elzey

Philadelphia and LAFC have a recent habit of putting together exciting matches when they meet, and Saturday evening did not disappoint. The Union saw 2 separate leads disappear in the second half, as LAFC was able to find ways through their stalwart defense.

On to the ratings.

Player Ratings

Andre Blake – 6

Looked somewhat out of position on the first goal being beat near post, but still a difficult shot. Second goal he made the initial save but couldn’t push the rebound out of danger.

Nathan Harriel– 6

A good night for the young right back against a high powered offense. Was never really exposed defensively but wasn’t too involved in the offense.

Jack Elliott – 6

A good game for the centerbacks despite giving up 2 goals, neither of which they could really be blamed for. Had good clearances and blocks for a majority of the match.

Jakob Glesnes– 6

Similar to Elliott in his general effectiveness and clearances, may have been a step slow on the rebound on the 2nd goal, but not much blame for him there.

Kai Wagner– 7

Another good outing for the German left back, who played a great ball into the box for Gazdag to finish.

Leon Flach – 6

A bit of a bounce back game for Flach, who covered a lot of ground and had some good offensive contributions. Played his usual defensive game as well.

Alejandro Bedoya – 5

A lot of running for the captain but wasn’t involved too much in the play. Probably should have drawn a red card on the kick out, but nothing noticeable besides that.

Daniel Gazdag – 7

Another goal and assist for the Hungarian so far this season. Played a nice ball into Carranza and had a smart run on his goal.

Jose Martinez – 5

Seemed a little slow in the midfield on occasion, and wasn’t able to put in too many tackles. Left in the 75th minute with a minor injury, unable to see out a result.

Julian Carranza – 8

Another great performance from the loanee from Miami. Made an impressive midfield run to set up the first goal and had a fantastic finish on his own tally.

Corey Burke – 5

Burke contributes well to the press and covers ground up top, but disappears for long stretches. Gets in good spots but just can’t time his finishes.


Sergio Santos – 5

An energetic stint for the Brazilian, but lost a point for not passing to Carranza for an easy goal.

Jack McGlynn – 5

Coming in for Martinez, McGlynn wasn’t too noticeable in his 15 minutes. More of an attacking player brought into a defensive role.

Player of the Match – Julian Carranza

Have to give it to Carranza, who put in a great finish and run on both goals. Could have had a second goal after making the run for Santos.

Geiger Counter

Jair Marrufo  – 4

Called it pretty evenly for about 70 minutes, then had some calls favoring LAFC the last portion of the match. Unsure how the Palacios kick out wasn’t signaled out by VAR or Marrufo himself.


  1. Marrufo should have lost another pt for the fiasco at the end of the game. Eliot card was correct, although we never saw a replay to see if he was right in saying that it was Union ball. However, cards should be issued for the scrum that occurred after that. That crap needs to be stamped out before it gets even more commonplace. He lost control of the game in the last 10-15 minutes.

    • Speaking of that scrum, I’ve searched everywhere and how is there no clip at all of McGlynn versus Acosta?

      • yes yes yes get on it PSP! I want that injected directly into my antecubital vein

  2. Carranza should have been deducted a point for losing his man on the corner on with LAFC scored. I also don’t understand why he (or someone else) did not stay at the far post so that they can attack the ball when it comes in or secure that post when someone shoots/heads the ball towards that post.

  3. Deez Nuggs says:

    Whoa whoa whoa. How does Glesnes not get an extra point or two for clearing the bicycle off the line and saving the draw in stoppage?

  4. el Pachyderm says:

    I tend not to have input into the subjectivity of this but this weeik I have to offer a POV.
    If Julian Carranza is an 8 Daniel Gazdag has to be as well.

  5. Two points in two of the tougher away games isn’t bad.
    When they get a slightly easier match, would really like to see Jim try Flach at 6 with McGlynn at 8 to start the game. Then maybe Sullivan for Bedoya at 60min.
    Be interesting to see how Flach and McGlynn play together when McG is in the more advanced position…and how the 3 kids could play together later in the game.

  6. FYI

    Anthony Fontana came off the bench and played seven minutes in Ascoli’s 4-1 win over Ternana on Friday. It was Fontana’s Serie B debut.

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